Workshop on material culture begins Wallpaper

London-based Material Culture Workshops is serious about the studio’s commitment to sustainable architecture. Founded in 2019 by Samar Islam, Paloma Gormley and George Masood, the young practice is pioneering the way to make meaningful progress towards a post-carbon environment. Its USP? Offering careful thought to architectural material selection and construction methods, and emphasizing low intensity, locally sourced, natural alternatives, drawing on the context of each project.

‘Construction and maintenance currently account for more than 40 per cent of the UK’s total carbon emissions. 11 percent of industrial carbon emissions come from manufacturing materials. Current housing models rely heavily on high-strength materials with short lifespans, largely manufactured overseas. If we want to halt the progression of environmental degradation, we need to radically rethink the logic of our current construction methods, the materials we use, and the way we grow. In doing so we may need to recover some forgotten technologies and develop entirely new forms of architectural language,’ says the team.

Examples of sustainable materials and methods used by Material Culture

(Image credit: Courtesy of Material Culture)

Introducing the Material Culture Workshop Series

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