Why Kaido Surpassed All Previous One Piece Villains

With so many arcs, there’s no shortage of villains in A play. For a long time, Donquixote Doflaimingo was considered the best villain in the series. His charisma and ruthlessness earned him praise from fans. In addition to his malevolent personality, Doflamingo also had a lot of strength.

But, as the manga headed into the Wano Country arc, a new contender emerged for the top villain position. This candidate is none other than Kaido. Kaido’s name was brought up several times before the Straw Hats even entered Wano, but it wasn’t until the arc began that fans learned more about him. So what made Kaido different from all the previous villains in A play?


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His strength and his past

Kaido’s past was kept secret for a very long time, and it wasn’t until his climactic fight with Luffy that Oda decided to reveal Kaido’s past. Kaido was considered an extremely strong person even when he was young.

His strength helped his people win several wars, but due to their lack of money, Kaido was sold to the navy. However, Kaido was against this decision and the Celestial Dragons, so he ran away. At some point, Whitebeard asked Kaido to join the Rocks Pirates, where he remained until the God Valley incident. Afterwards, Kaido created his own crew, which came to be known as the Beasts Pirates.

Kaido’s strength has earned him the respect of the Navy and all pirates around the world. After eating the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, Kaido’s physical strength received a significant boost. His strength continued to increase, and he reached the point where he became one of the Yonko.

Due to his power, Kaido was given the title of “the strongest creature in the world”. Many times, Kaido has mentioned that only a handful of people managed to hurt him in a fight. He named Shanks, Roger, Whitebeard, Xebec, and Oden as the only people he considered to be on his level. The newest addition to this elite group was Luffy, who managed to learn how to use Advanced Conqueror’s Haki to injure Kaido.

Kaido possesses Uo Uo no Mi, pattern: Seiryu, which is a mythical zoan-type Devil Fruit. The Devil Fruit allows Kaido to transform into a giant dragon that can cover an entire city. His Devil Fruit attacks are capable of causing massive destruction, as seen several times in the manga. In his hybrid form, Kaido was able to blitz Luffy multiple times. Additionally, the Devil Fruit made his skin so tough that it was nearly impossible to penetrate with normal Haki-based attacks.

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Kaido displayed a very high level of Haki. He has great control over weaponry and Observation Haki, but his greatest weapon is Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. The Worst Generation members had absolutely no chance against Kaido as he coated his body with Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. Luffy only managed to defeat it after learning how to use it as well.

At the beginning of the Land of Wa arc, Kaido was seen as an evil character, who had absolutely no respect for other people’s lives. He just wanted to spread destruction around the world, but the flashback made it clear that Kaido believed the only way to bring equality to the world was through war. He believed that only in times of war could people be equal and free.

Kaido also seemed to respect the people who gave him a great fight. When Kaido fought against Oden, the latter was about to win, but Kurozumi Higurashi managed to distract Oden. This allowed Kaido to deliver a decisive blow to the samurai.

Kaido won the fight, but he was unhappy due to Higurashi’s interference. This regret for not having a fair fight lived inside Kaido until he fought Luffy on Onigashima. However, this fight was again interrupted and this time it was a CP0 member who distracted Luffy and allowed Kaido to land a powerful blow on the young recruit. After this incident, Kaido was furious remembering his fight against Oden and how he was ruined as well. So he immediately attacked the CP0 member.

Kaido has surpassed every villain in the series in every aspect. He is the strongest opponent Luffy has faced, and it will be a few arcs before Luffy fights someone as strong as Kaido. Kaido’s ideology is interesting, proving he’s not a blind bully. He suffered in his past, but he managed to overcome all his problems and became one of the Yonko.

Perhaps one of Kaido’s greatest qualities is that he is always looking for a good challenge. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kaido considered himself the next Joy Boy as he told King that the only person who could actually beat him was Joy Boy. Kaido had his own plans for the world, and it sure would have been interesting to see how they would have played out, but there’s no doubt that Kaido is the best villain in A play so far.

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