Who will have the highest bounty between Zoro and Sanji?

The Monster Trio consists of three of the most powerful fighters of the Straw Hat crew. The trio consists of Monkey D. Luffy, who is the captain of the crew, Roronoa Zoro, a swordsman, and Sanji, who is the cook. All three are extremely powerful characters, capable of a lot of destruction without any problem. It’s quite obvious that Luffy is the strongest member of the whole crew, and there’s a huge gap between him and the others.

They can’t match Luffy’s strength. In contrast, Zoro and Sanji are closer in terms of strength. Zoro is undoubtedly stronger than Sanji, but only by a small margin. This small difference has been pointed out several times in A play like the Doriki of the opponents they fought at Enies Lobby. Zoro’s opponent – Kaku had a Doriki of 2200, while Sanji Jabra’s opponent Doriki was 2180. In the Wano Country arc, Robin called Sanji and Zoro, “The Wings of the Pirate King”. Also, their last opponents in the Wa Land arc had almost the same bounty. The king’s bounty is 1,390,000,000 beris while the queen sits on a bounty of 1,320,000,000 beris. For the majority of the series, Zoro had the highest bounty, but after the events of the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji’s bounty supplanted Zoro’s. Now that the Land of the Wa arc is coming to an end, the question regarding the bounty of the two Straw Hats arises.


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Respective exploits in Wano

Sanji and Zoro were heavily involved in all the actions that took place in the Land of Wa arc. Zoro went to the roof with Luffy and the other Worst Generation members. While on the roof, Zoro was heavily outclassed by the two Yonkos. He tried to attack Kaido, who dodged the attack, then he tanked both Yonko’s combined attack, and finally he managed to cut Kaido, but the Yonko was almost unfazed.

Kaido then eliminated Zoro and the latter had to be saved by Trafalgar Law. Once Law and Zoro arrived at the lower floors, Law handed over the badly injured Zoro to Sanji. Sanji covered his countryman in bandages and carried him around until they encountered Chopper. Zoro was in no condition to move, and fighting the strongest All-Star was out of the question. Thus, he had to rely on Miyagi’s special medicine. After taking the drug, Zoro was able to fight King, but for the most part the All-Star dominated the fight. Zoro was eventually able to overcome this obstacle and defeat King. With the fight over, Zoro was left in a state of agony, he could barely move, and he had to be rescued again and this time it was Franky.

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On the other hand, Sanji was more impressive with his exploits, and they go all the way back to the start of the arc, where he saved other Page One Straw Hats. Then, during the raid, Sanji managed to save Momonosuke from the clutches of the Beasts Pirates, who wanted to execute the future Shogun of Wano. This rescue was very important because if Momonosuke had died, the alliance’s morale would have been broken. Sanji was captured and defeated by Black Maria, but it was only because of Sanji’s chivalry. Shortly after breaking free, Sanji had to carry and keep Zoro safe. While carrying Zoro, Sanji ran into Chopper, who was being attacked by Queen.

Sanji couldn’t let any harm happen to Chopper, so he intercepted Queen and kicked him out. As Chopper tried to heal Zoro, Sanji continued to fight King and Queen at the same time. Also, when O-Tama arrived at the Live Floor, it was Sanji who saved her from the Beasts Pirates. Finally, Sanji’s biggest fight was against Queen, and the Straw Hat barely struggled and finished All-Star without any difficulty.

Possible bonuses

Based on the feats, Sanji was more impressive throughout the arc. He may not have fought the Yonko or the King, but Zoro didn’t really cause the Yonko any trouble. Through all of his fights, Zoro depended on Enma’s power, if he hadn’t received the weapon, he wouldn’t have defeated King. While battling Queen, Sanji’s genetic modifications finally kicked in and because of this, he didn’t even need the Raid Suit to defeat his opponent. Sanji’s feats are clearly more notable, but Zoro has the upper hand due to battling a higher caliber of opponents.

It’s extremely likely that Zoro will receive a higher bounty than Sanji because he fought the stronger enemies, even if he wasn’t super impressive against them. However, there is a slight possibility that Sanji will have a higher bounty due to his ties to Germa 66, and since they are no longer affiliated with the World Government. Zoro and Sanji will both have a bounty of over a billion beris after Wano. Zoro’s bounty would be around 1,500,000,000 Beris and Sanji’s would be close to 1,450,000,000 Beris. Towards the end of the series, it is very likely that their respective bounties will exceed 2 billion beris.

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