Which Animal Does Each Straw Hat Look The Most Like, According To Eiichiro Oda

Many A play fans were excited for the manga’s return on July 25 after its short hiatus. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of A play had prepared for the beginning of the end, which is the final saga of A play. However, A play fans shouldn’t be too surprised to hear this because A play has at least four years remaining in its duration.

After all this time, the Straw Hats’ journey to the A play continues to fill many fans with joy. Throughout this odyssey, Oda likes to entertain fans with answers to their questions in his SBS sections. One of them is knowing which animal each Straw Hat is most like. There are creative and intriguing answers.


Jinbe is a whale shark and a bear

Jinbe returns in One Piece.

Jinbe, like a few other Straw Hat members, specifically resembles two animals. The first is a whale shark, on which his design is based. But being a Fishman, Oda decided to give him a second animal which is a bear.

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A bear suits this great pirate. But while Jinbe has shown to be incredibly fierce and dangerous as a bear, he is also a kind and gentle man. When you meet characters like Crocodile and Doflamingo, it’s hard to believe there were ever any good members of the Seven Warlords.

Brook is a horse and a giraffe

Brook in one piece

Usually the relationship to animals for the Straw Hats makes sense. However, for Brook, it’s not so obvious. While Oda told fans that the animal he most resembles is a horse, he was actually drawn as a giraffe in the cover art of A play651st chapter.

Lots of Straw Hats have had this change, though it’s not a dramatic difference for Brook. Interestingly enough, the drawn giraffe was also depicted as undead. It is also possible that this animal was chosen for its patterns on its body which sometimes resemble Brook’s clothing style.

Franky is a bull and a rhino

General Franky in One Piece

Franky is a huge half-man, half-machine. Constantly, this cyborg bulldozed through obstacles with his sheer strength. A bull suitable for him as his animal could not be more perfect both in appearance and actions on the battlefield.

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While Franky was primarily called a bull, much like Brook who had a change of animal, he was drawn as a rhino. While bulls and rhinos are very different animals, the same general reasoning as to why Franky is a bull remains the same for a rhino.

Nico Robin is a crane and a falcon

One Piece Character and Straw Hat Nico Robin

Surprisingly, Robin is not a robin. Although Oda tells fans that she is actually a crane and is also drawn as a hawk. A crane was likely chosen for Robin because of her long legs and the way Robin can stretch limbs over herself or others, including objects.

On the other hand, it’s unclear exactly why Oda chose a falcon for Robin. But the reason probably has nothing to do with the fact that both animals are birds. Although Falcons are powerful birds and Robin is one of the strongest female characters in A play.

Tony Tony Chopper is a reindeer and a red panda

Smug One Piece Chopper Costume

Chopper’s first animal is a bit obvious because he’s literally a reindeer. Or at least he was before he ate the human-human fruit that turned him into a hybrid between a human and a reindeer.

The red panda bears an uncanny resemblance to Chopper and is not too different from the number of people in A play mistake Chopper for a raccoon. Either way, both are small in stature and have cute adorable appearances, which makes the red panda a perfect choice for the Straw Hat doctor.

Vinsmoke Sanji is a duck and a bighorn sheep

Vinsmoke Sanji with his eyes closed in One Piece.

Sanji’s animal resemblance to a duck doesn’t really make sense. Although both are notable for their feet. Ducks have large webbed feet and Sanji is known for his dangerous kicks, which has allowed him to fight among the best in Wano.

The last animal that Sanji looks like makes a lot more sense and it’s a bighorn sheep. These animals have all the power and although they use their horns to attack, they are no less dangerous than Sanji’s death kicks.

Usopp is an armadillo and a chameleon

Usopp in One Piece

Both of Usopp’s pets suit him remarkably well, and fans can tell there’s comedic thought in these comparisons. The first is an armadillo that somewhat matches Usopp’s color scheme, but more representative of their tough skins and the way they curl up into balls for protection.

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A chameleon is also linked to Usopp’s cowardice as these animals are well known for using their camouflage to hide. Both animals can be considered “cowards” in a way, but use ingenious tactics to achieve this, which is incredibly similar to Usopp, which sometimes allows this character to be a braver straw hat that others.

Nami is a cat

One Piece Nami Sailing Sunny

Since her first appearance, fans have long known Nami as a thief. While the reasoning behind it has fans sympathizing with her in one of the most tragic stories of A play, it eventually became part of who she was. So much so that she earned the nickname “the cat burglar”.

The nickname Nami is a common name used for Rogues due to their stealth and speed. The animal that Nami most resembles should then be obvious, i.e. a cat. Nami and the cats can also be very sweet and gentle when desired, but fierce and dangerous if pushed the wrong way.

Roronoa Zoro is a shark and a tiger

Oni giri of Roronoa Zoro with scythe.

Zoro is best known for his unique sword fighting style, wielding three swords which gives Zoro some of the best techniques. It is this fact alone that makes it appear to resemble sharks. The sharks clearly don’t wield any swords, but with their outstretched fins and sharp teeth, it’s not a stretch to see the similarities between them and Zoro wielding all three swords.

Tigers, on the other hand, bear fewer similarities to Zoro. However, the similarity is likely related to Zoro’s many scars. He bears scars on his ankles, chest and eyes. Tigers are distinguished by their numerous stripes, which could justify the comparison of this animal with him.

Monkey D. Luffy is a monkey

Luffy’s animal likeness is definitely the most obvious among the Straw Hats. Not only is Monkey part of his name, but Luffy has always slightly resembled a monkey in appearance and mannerisms.

Although his rubber body is a far cry from what a monkey has, it still allows Luffy monkey-like movements by allowing him to easily swing through trees or grab onto the edges of buildings when he passes. Luffy is also seen training with monkeys and even has a technique named “Kong Gun”.

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