What will Carrot choose for its future?

A play The unofficial release of Chapter 1056 earlier today saw the Wano arc finally focusing on its endpoint. This was mostly signaled by the conclusion of loose talk as well as the confirmation near the end of the issue that the Straw Hats’ time to leave was near.

However, an interesting part of A play Chapter 1056 saw a certain mink being presented with an incredibly difficult choice. It seems that Carrot has been asked to become the new leader of Mokomo Dukedom, but young Mink seems troubled by his choice.

Follow this article as it debates exactly what Carrot will choose for its future in upcoming issues from author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda. A play.

One Piece the final issue sees Carrot pushed into a position she clearly doesn’t want

The real carrot dilemma

Found on reddit.Wanda: Pedro’s will is up to you! Carrots: You are right. Pedro’s will lives on me. And it tells me to GET TF OUT OF HERE AND GO FIND A PIECE!!!!!

As mentioned above, the recent unofficial release of A play Chapter 1056 saw the controversial character Carrot being asked to become the new leader of the Duchy of Mokomo. This was requested of him by the current rulers Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who chose to remain in Wano alongside Momonosuke as servants and protectors.

Carrot, after being initially asked about the matter, replied that she would be happy to become the new leader. However, upon realizing what was being discussed, she began to express reservations, citing her lack of strength compared to others. Both current leaders countered that her experience on the high seas qualified her to lead the Minks into the new era better than anyone.

Additionally, they claimed that she inherited Pedro’s willpower more than any other Mink, which seemed to deeply affect Carrot. However, her facial expression at the time and the resolution of the conversation make it unclear whether she chose or will choose to accept the role in the upcoming issues.

I don’t understand the vitriolic hatred one piece fans have for Carrot

On the one hand, it seems a natural progression for Carrot to ascend and lead the Duchy of Mokomo into the imminent arrival of the new era. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were right in claiming that his experience with the Straw Hats had certainly given him the experience and skills necessary to lead the Minks.

On the other hand, many often thought Carrot’s place was with the Straw Hats, especially after being with the crew for two of the One Piece the longest bows of all time, with one being the longest overall. While it’s certainly a controversial topic with a plethora of differing opinions, there’s at least a portion of the fan base that thinks she deserves a spot on the crew.

Narratively, it would also make more sense for her to join the crew than not. If she is truly the greatest heir to Pedro’s will, it would make sense for her to follow his journey with the Straw Hats, given that her last act was to ensure their journey continued.

Combined with the clear chemistry she has with the majority, if not all, of the Straw Hats, it would seem her place in the crew is almost officially announced. Especially considering his reaction to being offered a chance to lead the Mokomo Dukedom, it’s clear and obvious that his true desires lie in chasing the Straw Hats for Laugh Tale.

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