What Stranger Things Season 4 VFX Shots Took 2 Years To Create

Stranger Things season 4 VFX artist Julien Hery reveals the peculiar CGI scene in Upside Down that took almost 2 years to create.

stranger things Season 4 VFX Supervisor Julien Hery reveals what VFX plans took 2 years to make. The Duffer Brothers’ hit fantasy/horror show first premiered on Netflix in 2016, quickly developing a passionate fanbase. stranger things recently returned for its fourth season, with more action than ever and raising the stakes considerably. stranger things season 4 took the show to even greater heights and broke numerous Netflix ratings records.

From relatively humble beginnings in Season 1, stranger things Season 4 sees the show get bigger and bigger than ever. Although the series has always featured impressive visual effects, stranger things season 4 takes this to a whole new level, with a handful of fantastic footage, both in the real world and in the Upside Down. As part of an elaborate plan to defeat Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower), many of the main characters are forced to confront the villain in Upside Down, which features expansive landscapes, devilish debats and epic action sequences. . While the characters have traveled backwards in previous seasons of stranger thingsseason 4 takes this to the extreme and realizes the alternate dimension on a much grander scale.


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In a new interview with Collider, Hery reveals that some of the VFX shots in Upside Down took a surprisingly long time to make. Hery cites the scene where the demobats fly over Hawkins and then land on the Creel House as one of the shots that took about 2 years to create in total. The VFX supervisor explains that they started working on the preliminary aspects of the plan before the pandemic hit and when the show’s production was shut down, they continued to work on it, trying to perfect the animations. Check out Hery’s full comment below:

“Actually, there’s a fun fact, we started before the pandemic on this show, we started working on it over two years ago. We actually started developing some looks, started working on the active before the pandemic. And when it stopped, we continued to work on one or two planes. One is a flyover of Hawkins – to follow the bats over Hawkins, then you land on the Creel House And that shot took us almost a year and a half or two years to make it happened, changing the animation, and there was a lot of time, so we took so long to develop this plan. So that was pretty cool.

Stranger Things Season 4 House Bats Creel

Although Hery won’t reveal the second snap which took almost two years to make, stranger things season 4 features a handful of impressive CGI footage, a number of which could have taken as long as the demo scene. In earlier seasons, the Upside Down is depicted mostly on a smaller scale, often from the perspective of the main characters who pass through it. In stranger things season 4, however, the world of the Upside Down is much more fleshed out, with the demobat sequence, in particular, showing the spooky landscape like never before from a whole new vantage point.

It remains to be seen what stranger things will do in season 5, his last season, but the end of stranger things Season 4 suggests there will be plenty of complex VFX shots to come. With Hawkins now ground zero for the Upside Down’s foray into the real world, fans of stranger things are likely to have bigger and bolder CGI sequences than ever before. At a time when big blockbuster visual effects are scrutinized like never before, stranger things remains a showcase of CGI quality when artists have the time and resources they need.

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Source: Collider

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