We watched the first episode, here are our impressions

This weekend, French cinemas have organized a film event to discover the Ark of the Blacksmiths’ Village in previews.

Blockbuster’s Breath, First Movement: Monster Slayer Season 3! Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are set to make a comeback, and we’ve got what’s shaping up to be the anime’s best season yet. A special event was held in many cinemas across France this weekend. Demon Slayer: On the way to Blacksmith Village Invites fans of the series to discover the first moments of the third season, which will begin airing soon. Viewers can’t wait for the simulcast next April so they can enjoy a compilation of episodes prepared especially for the show.

In the program, we then get The last two episodes of the Pleasure Quarter arc, followed by episode 1 of the Blacksmiths’ Village arc. This episode alone lasts about an hour and contains a lot of revelations. whether Monster Slayer Having already captivated us in the past, this appetizer stands as the best introduction to the anime and already promises a season full of twists and surprises. To convince you to follow these new adventures in a few weeks, here are first impressions of this major chapter in history. While we’ll be careful not to share major spoilers, demon slayers willing to discover the rest of the story for themselves are advised to skip ahead…

When demons have demons

Season 2 ended with a frantic finale that cost Kibutsuji Muzan’s forces dearly. After a fierce battle, the trio Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke along with Tenzen and his three wives finally succeed in defeating the demons wreaking havoc in the Pleasure District. For the first time in over 100 years, the Slayers are finally able to eliminate a High Moon, one of the Demon Master’s generals. However, the heroes almost lost their skin there, when it was only the sixth moon, the lowest grade.

While the fight against the forces of evil is not over for the Assassins’ Order, this shift in the balance of things is cause for concern for the great tyrant. Then begins the first episode of season 3. As we saw in the last scene of the previous season, Muzan summoned his superior Moon for a crisis meeting, the results of which we eventually discover.

Thanks to this scenario, it is finally possible Our heroes face their greatest enemies. All as bloodthirsty and menacing as each other, the introduction of these characters promises some serious battles in the coming episodes. Moreover, the appearance of the first Ascendant Moon is enough to send shivers down your spine. Watch out for spoilers on the internet, as this reveal is already making the rounds on the networks and it would be a shame to spoil it. Two of the six (now five) moons go on a mission to put spokes in the wheels of our young hero.

Break the ice after breaking his saber

Once awakened from a coma after a terrible fight from the previous season, Tanjiro has a funny dream that is almost incomprehensible. Even as a viewer, the images presented make no sense, but tickle our curiosity. The characters we meet there raise many questions and give us a glimpse of the first details of what seems to be Tanjiro’s past, unless it’s the future or even? When this short bracket is over, the hero is preparing for a new journey.

Once again, Tanjiro’s recklessness in battle left him unable to repair his sword. Blacksmith Haganezuka The young assassin grew tired of taking care of the swords he was given, and Declares to him that he no longer wants to make weapons for him. Completely desperate, Tanjiro learns that he can Go to the secret blacksmith village to ask for forgiveness in person.

Blindfolded as well as ears and nose plugged, the hero then finds himself transported to this famously symbolic place that must remain top secret to ensure its integrity. Since the sword is the essential tool of any assassin, ghosts never need to learn the location of their factories. hand in hand He meets Muchiro Tokito pillar of mist and Kanroji Mitsuri pillar of love As well as Xenia Shinazugawa, a comrade who took the killer test with him.

We think that the plot will focus on these characters, but not only. Also present is one of the faces revealed in Tanjiro’s strange dreams, someone familiar who ends up surprising the protagonist. While waiting for season 3 to arrive on Crunchyroll next April, know that two seasons are already available on the platform, as well as on Netflix.

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