Was Buggy better off for eating his Devil Fruit?

Over the Orange Town arc of A play viewers were treated to a fun and unique origin story for the main antagonist. While it’s not super unique to the anime as a whole, it’s quite unusual for these previous episodes of A play. Normally, flashbacks involving antagonists are limited to how they directly affected one of the Straw Hats, as Arlong reflects on his treatment of Nami. Instead, with Buggy the Clown, audiences got to see exactly what made Buggy the pirate he is today, and maybe a little why his personality is what it is today, too. .


A play follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy as he assembles a crew and heads to the Grand Line with the goal of becoming the Pirate King. In his efforts to gather a reliable crew, he encounters more than a few notorious pirates who mostly stand in his way, with one major exception in the form of Shanks.

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What happened to Buggy?

When Buggy was just a pirate in training, he was on a ship with red-haired Shanks, and because of the way they spent their time together, he holds a special place of hatred in his heart for each other. pirate. During a raid, Buggy finds a treasure map which he believes points to a location in the middle of the ocean. Given his intense love of treasure and wealth, he immediately hides the map from his shipmates and plans to go find that treasure on his own.

Shanks tells Buggy about another valuable item captured in the raid, a Chop Chop Devil Fruit. This item, he says, is worth a fortune in berries. Of course, Buggy must have that too, so he stages a show where he eats a fake version of the fruit while stealing the real one. The crew are fooled and believe the fruit they captured was fake all along.

Later, when Buggy tries to sneak out of the ship, Shanks grabs him and engages in a casual conversation. During this interaction, Buggy accidentally swallows the real Devil Fruit and thus loses his ability to swim. He then falls overboard and has to be saved by Shanks. However, Buggy does not consider this a benevolent act. Instead, he blamed Shanks not only for the loss of the precious fruit, but also for his inability to swim to his sunken treasure.

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Obviously a mistake, but was it for the best?

Buggy thinks his mistake of swallowing the fruit cost him all his dreams. In his own words, he should instead focus on collecting all the treasures on dry land. That aside, he also laments his inability to sell the Devil Fruit, but he’s become functionally invincible in the trade. Considering what he lost and what he gained, it’s hard to say he didn’t come out better in the end.

Although there was probably a fair amount of treasure sunk in the sea during this great age of pirates in A play, unless you have maps, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find any. With that in mind, there’s really only one cache missing. Besides, just because he can’t swim doesn’t mean he can’t ask lackeys to do it for him. During the fight with Luffy, he demonstrated an obvious willingness to delegate like with Cabaji. Realistically, he could have sailed his ship to this location and forced one of his sailors who didn’t eat a devil fruit to swim out and retrieve it.

As for the Devil Fruit, he lost any profits he would have made from selling the fruit. However, as mentioned earlier, he is functionally invincible. His fight with Luffy indicated that he has certainly practiced the skill enough to imply that he uses it frequently. The most dangerous heists he could pull off using this ability surely more than paid for what he would have gotten for the fruit. His notoriety and bounty alone certainly suggest that he did pretty well at being a pirate.

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