Uta’s ideals are like two villains from Naruto

In anticipation of One Piece Movie: The Reds theatrical release on August 6 One Piece the official YouTube channel is out UTA Journal. In this micro-series, the eponymous singer speaks to her fans via Video Transponder Snail to tell them a bit about herself and her plans for the upcoming concert. On the surface, it sounds nice, but its undertones are rather unsettling.

Uta has a problem with all the pain and suffering in the world caused by pirates. She intends to help people escape this pain by singing for as long as she can. His hope of escaping a cruel reality might not seem too bad at first, but it also sounds a lot like the ideology of two of them. Naruto’s the biggest villains, Obito and Madara Uchiha.

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A major factor in what makes Uta think the way she does is her background. She doesn’t go into great detail in the videos, but she does give a general idea of ​​how she felt growing up. She described her early childhood as a time when she was protected and unaware of the world’s woes brought on by pirates. When she realized this truth, even her favorite song, “Where the Wind Blows”, could not comfort her; for her, the pirates are to blame for her not being able to sing this song anymore. All of this may or may not have something to do with the tragedy at Elegia, the site of his next gig.

Uta was depressed and lonely, with only her singing to comfort her for a long time. She learned to love herself again when she realized how much people loved her music; the lyrics of “I Am Invincible” embody this change in his life and his gratitude to these listeners. She still acknowledges the angst in the world, but she and her fans find refuge in her music.

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Unfortunately, Uta doesn’t have much contact with the outside world. She spends most of her time in her room practicing her songs and dances. She only performed on live streams via Video Transponder Snail; the gig at Film: Red will be his first live performance. She receives messages from her listeners but never direct contact. She seems satisfied, but this kind of sheltered life couldn’t have had a good effect on her understanding of the world.

Of course, that doesn’t make his hatred of pirates any less justified. They can be horrible people willing to hurt others for the sake of treasure and money, and Uta cannot understand this mindset, which makes her hate pirates with all her heart.

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To fully understand what makes her hate pirates, she does not tell her own story but rather that of a fan. She used to receive letters from a bedridden girl whose family and home had been destroyed by pirates; his only remaining joy in his short life was Uta’s music until the day he died. Uta understands that others like this little girl seek escape in her music, which is why she plans to sing thousands of songs for her concert. She gets surprisingly upset talking about the whole thing, which turns out to be both passionate and a little unstable.

Uta believes that music, in general, has the power to change a person’s heart. Even though reality cannot be changed, the way we perceive and feel the world box be changed. She believes that music, her own in particular, is helpful in this regard.

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She also talks a bit about her song “The World’s Continuation” and its connection to her ideal dream world. She wants a non-combat world that’s pretty much full of fun stuff and music. She believes she would be perfectly fine with a dream like that going on forever, because she would be happier that way.

This escapist idealism is where the parallels with Madara Uchiha become particularly evident. Much like Uta, he believed the world was caught in an endless cycle of suffering. However, unlike Uta, he had a definite way of doing something about it.

Madara sought to stop the world’s suffering with the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which would force everyone into an eternal illusion of their ideal world. Obito joined this plan so he could live in a dream world where his true love Rin never died. For these two, living in such an endless dream world was preferable to the despair of reality.

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It remains unclear if Uta would be willing to go so far as to create her own Infinite Tsukuyomi. It is not even known if she has this potential or even what her powers are. However, the way her music is described and the way she talks about her upcoming gig suggest she might.

His plan to help everyone escape to a dream world sounds like a big talk, but there might be more. In promotional material, her singing has been described as “otherworldly”, which may also be related to her powers. It could mean that she has the ability to manifest her music physically. Therefore, her singing could be “otherworldly” as it transports listeners to another world.

Assuming she can alter reality with her singing, she may be planning to bring her audience into her ideal dream world with her song “The World’s Continuation.” She describes it as a song to “chase away all the scary things in the world and get everyone to a nicer place”, or at least that’s what she hopes. She will continue to sing as long as possible to keep people in this dream world.

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If all of this is, in fact, possible, it makes some of Uta’s other statements that much more concerning. She mentioned how she would “write about everyone’s sad memories”. Assuming it’s about her powers, she basically plans to brainwash everyone. She also said her concert would “take everyone somewhere [they’ve] never seen before”, which would be consistent with the fact that no one has really heard “The World’s Continuation” yet. Her description of “The World’s Continuation” also matches her claim that she would “transform Elegia into a wonderful place filled with music.” Finally, she boldly declared that her concert would be “the beginning of a new era”; Coming out of the wrong mouth, that could be a disturbing statement. Either way, she has big plans for this gig.

As to whether she can enact her plan on a global scale like the Infinite Tsukuyomi, the answer might be yes. Again his music has been described as otherworldly before she has already organized a live concert; this means that his apparent ability must extend to those who hear his songs through indirect sources like a transponder snail. This could be supported by the fact that the sick girl was able to get the same satisfaction from listening to Uta’s songs via a Tone Dial. As Uta will be broadcasting his concert live, even those who will not be present will be affected by it.

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Unfortunately for Uta, his one-sided decision to place the world in a dreamlike state will likely fail for the same reasons as Madara’s Tsuki no Me project. Not only will it encounter a great deal of resistance from those who don’t want to being put into an eternal slumber, but she’s wrong to run away from her problems in the first place. Dealing with difficulties is a part of life that she must learn to accept. When she does, maybe she can finally sing “Where the Wind Blows” properly.

For now, however, Uta’s outlook is dangerous and flawed. It certainly doesn’t help her worldview that she had limited contact with the outside world before her gig. If she had better connections or got to know other pirates better, maybe she wouldn’t feel the need to follow the same path as Madara and Obito. Whether her intentions for the gig are literal or metaphorical, someone will have to be there to put her on the right track. That said, if it turns out that she’s hiding Sharingan or Rinnegan in her left eye, that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

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