‘Top Gun 2’ Surpasses $1.35 Billion as ‘Thor 4’ Surpasses ‘Thor 3’

In the weekend box office news, DC League of Super Pets fell 52% to gross $11.2 million in the second weekend. It’s a not-so-great take for an animated film that didn’t really open very high. DreamWorks and Universal The villains fell 32% from its debut at $24 million. To be fair, great pets The ten-day total of $45.102 million is higher The Bad guys’ $44.6 million ten-day accumulation, thanks to decent weekday receipts. Assuming a conventional rate of descent, we can expect an over/under $70 million domestic finish for the $90 million Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart targeting kids. It doesn’t play beyond the kid’s quadrants, and it might end up next to the *original* storks ($73 million in 2016) and Small foot ($83 million in 2018). Still, hope is eternal because there are no other major animated releases until Walt Disney. strange world over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Jordan Peele Nope earned $8.5 million (-54%) in its third weekend. This will give the Daniel Kaluuya/Keke Palmer exit a total of $97.9 million over 17 days. Universal Nope passed Universal halloween kills ($92 million) as the biggest R-rated release since bad boys for life ($204 million) in January 2020. It will crack another $100 million domestically this week. At this rate of descent, he’ll still end up just over $110 million domestic, tied with M. Night Shyamalan. Glass at the start of 2019. However, most of the releases this month are horror movies (Corps Corps Corps, The Fall, The Beast, The Invitation, The Barbarian, etc.), so legs beyond are not guaranteed to be remote. However, after the melodrama Warner Bros. Last week’s Discovery, Universal can properly shoot losing maybe a few theatrical bucks (until PVOD comes up to the rescue) on a $69 million, R-rated, live-action original as a badge of honor .

Thor: Love and Thunder earned $7.6 million (-42%) in its fifth weekend for a new 31-day domestic total of $316.1 million. For all the pontificates online about Marvel being in trouble or Thor 4 being a disappointment, love and thunder just crossed the $315 million mark Ragnarok. Once it reaches $322 million, it will have sold more tickets than the previous one Thor. It now sits with $698.9 million worldwide, nearly $700 million and Thor: Ragnarok no China/no Russia for a total of $712 million ($854 million total in 2017). In terms of the exchange rate, it’s already above Thor 3 is not a Russia/China global cumulation. It doesn’t play like a breakout sequel to Thor 3, but money is money. Outraged, Thor 4 didn’t bring much new to the table after the last two Thor movies. While its reception may have been disappointing, it’s not like Marvel needs Thor: Triumphant.

lighting Minions: The Rise of Gru earned $7.11 million (-37%) by entering the PVOD market. That gives the $80 million animated prequel/sequel $334.578 million domestic, just behind Minions ($336 million in 2015) and $758 million worldwide. It is expected to end with around $350 million domestically and around $810 million worldwide. from Amblin Jurassic World Dominion has now earned $371.8 million domestically and $960 million, surpassing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ 955 million dollars accumulated. That’s partly thanks to the $157 million in China, making it the second-biggest in global revenue in 2022. The $185 million trio is expected to end with around $375 million in the domestic market. and $975 million worldwide. by Blumhouse The black phone had now earned $85 million domestically and $148 million globally. Revenge will earn $710,000 (-60%) weekend two for a cumulative $3.268 million as Mrs. Harris goes to Paris wins $560,000 (-40%) for a total of $8.047 million.

by Tom Cruise Top Gun: Maverick earned an additional $7.03 million (-16%) in its 11th weekend for a domestic cume of $662 million. It broke out of the top five for the first time, placing it fifth in terms of most consecutive top five weekends. Given the lack of big August releases, I would expect it to return to the top five, though AND record of 27 non-consecutive weekends is probably safe. Even if he stays outside the top five going forward, he edges out the nine-weekend wonders like Black Panther The Force Awakens and The sixth sense. It surpassed James Cameron’s $659.5 million lifetime gross Titanic become the seventh highest national earner of all time. It grossed $1.352 billion worldwide, past Last Jedi ($1.333 billion), Harry Potter and the Holland of Death Part II ($1.342 billion) and Black Panther ($1.348 billion). I guess Peter Mitchell is now, uh, Earth’s Mightiest Hero?

sony Where the Crawdads sing grossed $5.65 million (-28%) over the weekend and $64.623 million domestically and $77 million worldwide. That’s embarrassing crawdads = crawfish is the only major film about/for women. Even the summer of 2012 had Brave *and* Snow White and the Hunter. Sony, however, benefits from the offer crawdads = crawfish in the midst of a season of testosterone-fueled entertainment. The $24 million drama will pass Morbius ($74 million) and end its run above/below $80 million domestically. Finally, in the midst of a chaotic week for Warner Bros. discovery, Elvis again shows that, say it with me now, Warner Bros. is more than Batman and Harry Potter. The well-reviewed and well-received Austin Butler/Tom Hanks musical biopic grossed $4 million (-30%). This will net the $85 million drama a $136.517 million domestically and $251.2 million worldwide. Whatever else Zaslov said, I take comfort that he gave due credit to The Batman *and* Elvis.

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