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If you are currently bored or craving for something fun, I highly recommend you to start some of these newly released anime. Some of these shows are currently airing; if you binge or start watching the first two episodes, all you have to do is go back to the day it airs to catch it. It is really a pleasure to follow an anime that is currently airing. So without further ado, here are my top five current anime picks.

This is by far one of the most anticipated anime of this year; the story is roughly the title of the anime: “a family of spies”. However, there is a small twist – without spoiling the anime too much, let me just say this: the father is a spy, the daughter is an adopted telepath, and the mother is an elite assassin. The plot of this anime is considered rather unique and belongs to the comedy-action genre. Currently, only seven episodes have been released, and a new episode airs every Saturday. If you crave laughs and fight scenes, be sure to check out this anime!

If you’ve been a fan of this show, and even if you’re just a fan of a good romantic comedy, this series is a must see. This season is the third in the series. However, if you like this genre, I suggest you watch it from the beginning. The story is very light and you will definitely get a good laugh out of it. To give you the gist of the story, it’s about the student council president and vice president, who have a crush on each other but refuse to confess, and they kind of make it out of war, but neither of them knows that the other loves them. It sounds kind of confusing, but when you watch it, it makes sense, and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

This is a recommendation for people in the mood for a sports anime. This sports anime starts off as usual, with the main character being something of a soccer “genius” who has to move to Tokyo for high school after being scouted. If you’re currently looking for something like this to watch, I personally recommend this one! The show is currently airing and there are approximately seven episodes; be sure to come back every week to watch a new episode!

I recommend this one to anyone who likes a fun and cute type of anime. Personally, I look at this when I need something very light. The story is also based in a high school and is about Shikimori, a girl who is considered an “ultimate girlfriend”. She is dating Izumi, who is considered a very unlucky person. This anime is a slice of life and romantic comedy and currently airs every Sunday!

This anime is definitely worth watching if you crave something wholesome and pure. This is a traditional Japanese confectionery, “Ryokusho”, and the people around it; the story mainly focuses on the employees of the store. Among them, the focus tends to lean on the little girl the store owners are caring for and the owner’s son, who tends to be a father figure to her. The anime is also still streaming, but I can assure you that this one is worth watching and has some mind-blowing connections and stories yet to be seen!

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