Tom Cruise and ‘Dune’ Director Denis Villeneuve Have 1 Thing in Common

Tom Cruise is an established action movie star who set several box office records with Top Gun: Maverick. Denis Villeneuve has built his reputation by directing remarkable science fiction films such as Blade Runner 2049, Arrivaland Dunes. New York-born cruiser and French-Canadian Villeneuve find success in film in different ways, but they share one thing in common.

Tom Cruise (left) at the Japan premiere of 'Top Gun: Maverick,' Denis Villeneuve attends the 'Dune' premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Superstar Cruise and director Villeneuve have one thing in common when it comes to the movies they make.
(lr) ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star Tom Cruise; Denis Villeneuve, director of ‘Dune’ | Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Tom Cruise pushed back a first streaming release and soared to new heights with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Paramount wanted a sequel immediately, but fans waited 35 years to get the sequel. Superior gun. The wait was worth it.

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