Things That Show Luffy Is The Most Creative Devil Fruit User

Luffy is the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda A play and one of the strongest pirates in the seas right now. With the power of Gomu Gomu no Mi, Luffy has become one of the most notorious figures in history, having recently been promoted to the position of Yonko, one of the four most influential pirates to live.

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His Devil Fruit was one of the key factors that led him to this position and over the years he has proven himself to be indeed one of the most creative Devil Fruit users. to appear in the world. A play.


seven Made a useless ability powerful

Luffy’s Devil Fruit has always been quite difficult for him to master. Since he ate the fruit, it was seen as more of a drawback than a benefit. While training with his brothers, Ace and Sabo, the two often mentioned how Luffy’s Devil Fruit was giving him all kinds of trouble and that it wasn’t worth having a power like the rubber.

Despite this, years of training led him to master this ability in a way that made him one of the strongest people in the world of One Piece. Luffy is exceptionally good at using his Devil Fruit and it’s all down to his creativity. The Gomu Gomu no Mi, or the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, is just as good as its user.

6 Rokushiki

Luffy has always been incredibly creative with his Devil Fruit powers and that was evident right from the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece. After losing to Rob Lucci and witnessing his Rokushiki powers, Luffy got the idea to copy the abilities he saw his enemy using.

Over the years he has incorporated several Rokushiki techniques into his own arsenal. For example, Luffy can mimic their high-speed move called Soru by pumping blood through his body faster. He can fuse Haki with his Devil Fruit power to access skills like Tekkai and use his fruit’s elasticity to even fly through the air, just like Geppo. Without a doubt, this shows that Luffy is easily one of the most creative Devil Fruit users in One Piece.

5 second gear

Gear Second is one of the most useful abilities he’s developed over the years. After losing to Aokiji and then falling to CP9 in Water 7, Luffy realized he needed to get stronger to protect his teammates. After witnessing the Soru Technique, he realized that by pumping blood faster through his body, he could temporarily dope himself. While doing this, Luffy sweats excessively, which eventually evaporates and gives off a steamy effect.

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With blood pumping incredibly quickly through his body, he is able to mimic CP9’s high-speed moves and dramatically increase his offensive powers. Using this technique, Luffy was able to defeat Blueno, one of CP9’s strongest members, quite easily and even punch Rob Lucci.

4 Body of a giant with third gear

Gear Second wasn’t the only ability Luffy learned during the Enies Lobby arc. Along with gaining incredible power that increased his speed, Luffy also managed to master a technique that gave him the body of a giant and, therefore, massive firepower in the form of Gear Third. By pumping air directly into his bones, he gained access to an ability known as Bone Balloon which forms the basis of this equipment.

By inflating them, he is able to transform his fist into that of a giant and also access techniques like Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol and Gigant Axe. The strength of this Gear was such that even Rob Lucci could not anticipate the means to effectively counter it. Once again, using his Devil Fruit in the most unique way, Luffy was able to access abilities that normal people wouldn’t dare to think of. Over time, his use of Gear Third has further improved, and he experiences no downsides after accessing his powers.

3 Using Haki with Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth is a powerful technique that Luffy invented during his two-year jump training with Rayleigh on Ruskaina. To access this power, Luffy had to learn the use of Haki and combine it effectively with his Devil Fruit ability. Coating his arms, legs, and the majority of his torso with Color of Arms, Luffy then bites off his forearm and pumps up all of his muscles, making them bigger and stronger in the process. At the same time, its elasticity also increases significantly.

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Interestingly, despite using weapon color, Luffy is still very rubbery in this form. By effectively combining these two powers, his strength and speed explode. When used against Doflamingo, this gear was able to completely overwhelm him. Even someone as strong as Charlotte Katakuri was unable to withstand the ferocity of Gear Fourth. Additionally, Kaido, one of the Yonko, also faced the brunt of his strength and took a lot of damage.

2 Limitless imagination in Gear Fifth

During the Wa Country arc, Luffy finally managed to tap into his Devil Fruit’s true power and awaken it. After a near-death encounter with Kaido, Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi woke up and it was revealed that his real name is Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and is actually a a legendary devil fruit. Despite this, the fruit could only really be used by someone very creative.

It is believed that Luffy’s Fruit has no limits other than his own imagination. As such, under an average user, the fruit would be just as average, however, under Luffy, whose imagination is known to be boundless, this fruit is incredibly powerful. With awakening, his fruit grants him even more freedom, a stronger body, and most importantly, allows him to incorporate even more of his creativity into his Devil Fruit powers using Gear Fifth.

1 Shocked Kaido

Perhaps the greatest testament to Luffy’s creativity is the fact that he managed to shock Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, with the use of his Devil Fruit. After awakening his abilities, Luffy was able to play with the Yonko in a way that was described as straight out of a comic book. By stretching and crushing Kaido’s body as if it were rubber itself, Luffy was able to fight in an unprecedented way that even the Yonko could not predict. Moreover, by unleashing a barrage of new attacks on him, Luffy made him wonder who he really was.

At one point, Kaido exclaimed that he had never seen anyone fight with so much creativity and freedom at the same time. That in itself is proof enough that Luffy is the most creative Devil Fruit user in One Piece. Moreover, its potential is limitless. Although Gear 5th is Luffy’s pinnacle, there is no limit to his creativity, which means he can still improve as the story progresses.

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