“They don’t make movies like that anymore” – M’sian watched Top Gun: Maverick in theaters 59 times!

Sometimes when a movie exceeds your expectations, you may find yourself catching the movie multiple times in theaters.

Some people, especially movie buffs, tend to watch more than twice if they LOVE a movie, and there’s nothing wrong with show support for both the film industry and the film itself.

What if we told you that recently a Malaysian man took to his Instagram and revealed that he had watched Top Gun: Maverick, not twice, not three times, but 59 times in theaters!

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The sequel to 1986’s Top Gun was definitely eagerly awaited by fans but having your view glued to the screen for the same film 59 times is truly something rare and shocking.

His love for cinema

WORLD OF BUZZ contacted Ian, the man who happily saw Maverick back in theaters, and he had nothing but loving words to say about the film.

“Top Gun Maverick is when you can say a movie is full of magic, and everything about the movie is well done, the slightest change can lose its charm.”

Ian then added: ‘Seriously, they don’t make movies like that anymore. Hands-on stunts, little to no use of CGI, excellent cinematography, a punchy ending, effective moments of nostalgia and homage, and impeccable works from every team and department.

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As expected, Maverick is not the only Tom Cruise movie Ian had watched multiple times. He thinks the Mission Impossible film series has always been Cruise’s best works before Maverick.

That being said, he said he watched the Movies Mission Impossible multiple timesincluding in theaters and through the DVDs he purchased.

So what is the damage?

We repeat, Ian has watched Top Gun: Maverick a total of 59 times in theaters. With this time frame, we i wonder how much he spent on his movie experience.

“Honestly, I’m not so sure of the exact amount spent.”

We were quite surprised by his response but Ian told WORLD OF BUZZ that as the owner of CineMagic Malaysia he was invited several times to the press session and received discounts at other times. Not only that, but sometimes his friends also paid for his tickets.

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However, if Ian had not attended the press screening or received discounts and paid for ALL the tickets himself, the approximate amount would have been RM1,800, taking into account the various formats of cinema screens and rooms in which it was located.

This includes:

  • 28 times in IMAX,
  • 14 in 4DX,
  • 11 in screen X,
  • 1 in MX4D,
  • 1 on the big screen and
  • 4 in the standard room.

Considering Ian had the luxury of the mentioned perks, he thinks he may have spent as much as RM1,200 on Top Gun: Maverick alone.

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Maverick all day, erryday?

Top Gun: Maverick was released in May this year, so does that mean Ian was watch the movie every day?

‘If my mood is right for me, I would see the movie about twice a day. It’s so good, I don’t understand why I’m still in love with the movie.

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He told WORLD OF BUZZ that the most times he watched the movie in one day was 5 times, from morning until late evening. His previous record for watching a movie in theaters most often was The Greatest Showman, 15 times!

Ian’s “commitment” and love of the cinematic experience is definitely tied to all movie buffs.

If you had the time and the money, would you have spent to relive the same cinematic experience all over again? What movies have you watched countless times?

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