The Mandalorian teases the next big Star Wars villain

This was announced in an Ahsoka trailer. Now he mentions the Mandalorian. It will undoubtedly be the future main antagonist of the Star Wars series… and one of the three future films.

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We already knew this with the release of the first trailer for the series Ahsoka, which is expected to be released in August. A main character in its extended universe star wars The new antagonist of the story is about to become. Many other elements are put in place to prepare for his arrival. Seven episodes of season three The Mandalorian Participate in it.

About the course of its screenplay The Mandalorian and d’Ahsoka, there’s a good chance this new big bad will hit the small screen very soon. But above all, we should definitely find him at the center of future films that will close all the narrative arcs of the various series in live action (The Mandalorian, Ahsoka And Boba Fett book)

Chronologically, this feature film will be located between Episodes VI and VII. It should serve as a link between the original trilogy and the postology. Moreover, we are already watching its episodes The Mandalorian Provide gradual explanations to overcome writing weaknesses, The Rise of Skywalker Among others. But before I say more, a reminder: we’re going to have spoilers.

A warning has been issued.

Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives

This big villain is none other than Thrawn. its fans star wars Of course you already know everything about him. They are also aware that his arrival at Lucasfilm’s audiovisual projects was revealed with the trailerAhsoka – His name is pronounced on this occasion. Hence the reference to Throne Inn The Mandalorian Comes as no surprise to fans.

Grand Admiral Thrawn. // Source: Lucasfilm

But, those who follow the story star wars Through what is only stated in the works, and not hinted at in the teasers, this is the first official reference to Thrawn in Lucasfilm’s live-action audiovisual works. Regardless, this is the first time Thrawn has been directly referenced on screen, in a series or film. show live.

We are talking about flesh and blood cast series and movies here, not animated series. In fact, Thrawn has already appeared in the series The rebelsIn seasons three and four.

series The rebels Located chronologically between the third and fourth episodes of the film (Revenge of the Sith And A new hope)’s plot is actually far from arc The Mandalorian, which takes place eleven years after Episode IV. In other words, there are about fifteen years separating these two periods. That’s when Thrawn disappeared off the radar.

Throw, in The rebels. // Source: Lucasfilm

Seven episodes of season three The Mandalorian In fact it is the first and heralds the imminent return of Thrawn. The secret meeting that Moff Gideon attends is an opportunity to talk about this “Great Admiral” – a high-ranking official in the Thrawn Galactic Empire – and also to show a key figure in his team.

A switch is also activated near the throne

This relative is none other than Gilad Paleon, explained here by Xander Berkeley. He acts as an interface between members of the Shadow Council, in which Moff Gideon participates, and Thrawn. Gilad Palion is also a high-ranking Imperial official, who originally originated as Thrawn in Timothy Zahn’s novel. He has the right-hand role of the Grand Admiral.

Gilad Paleon, Thrawn’s loyal servant. // Source: Lucasfilm

In the Expanded Universe, the Degenerates and grouped under the Legends, Gilad Paleon hold very high positions. He became the leader of the “Remnant of the Empire”, the Remnant of the Empire named after the events of Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. Charismatic, he came to earn the respect of his opponents, including the Alliance and the New Republic.

Apparently, Lucasfilm chose to create an equal dynamic and sequel between Thrawn and Paleon in The Mandalorian, taking inspiration from the legends. In fact, Gilad Pelion – who currently holds the rank of captain – is forced to be Thrawn’s spokesman during the Shadow Council.

thrown face
This is one of the most popular characters in the story. // Source: Lucasfilm

Now, it remains to be seen where and when Thrawn will first appear. If Ashoka’s teaser shows that he will be good in this series, nothing says The Mandalorian Doesn’t save a little surprise at the very end of the season. A twist, to encourage the public to continue their subscription to Disney+ to see through the remaining four months.

Considering his background, his aura among fans, and the way he’s presented (he’s asked to restore the Empire’s power), it’s clear that Thrawn will be the next big villain. In any case, from the “Mandalorianverse”, three series and future films are in preparation. Looking at the character, it’s hard to believe that he won’t be at the heart of the feature film.

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