The Mandalorian – Chapter 23


As you can tell by reading the teaser for this article: I really liked (and was reassured by) the episode.

If the series takes its time, advances duuuuuuuuusment, gives itself the air of a serial, it wants to give us more than previous seasons, i.e., a final diptych rather than a single episode ending a season at the climax.

And at the same time, what we can do to prepare a finale worthy of the previous season remains, in my eyes, the strongest episode of the series (not so much for the return of Luke than the emotional cocktail represented by the Day/Grugu separation).

Follow me one last time in my thoughts (100% subjective, 1000000% spoilers) This seventh episode is close…exciting!

Good reading!

Shadow Council

An introduction that hits the mark immediately!

This continuity once again testifies to the potential of the series The Mandalorian And shows us very clearly its ambition (and perhaps its anxiety). Isn’t the show clearly telling us that it will tell us, aside from Mandalore’s victory, how the remnants of the Empire will quietly transform into the First Order? Huge construction site! Complicated, long… but so interesting!

A geopolitical development in the galaxy between episodes 6 and 7? I say yes! The novel blood relation Been trying to clarify some points already and the rare information on galactic politics really interested me! But here we really get to the heart of the matter: advice from the shadows! High place of political strategy to seize power! In the galaxy and far away from the New Republic, which is struggling to manage a galaxy that is essentially too big, an evil is growing that will soon corrupt everything.

i adore

Additionally, we have some nuggets right. I’m talking about Hux’s dad of course but most of all Gilad Pellaon who, as a fan of Thrawn, is more proof that the Mandoverse is inevitably approaching the smartest Chis in the galaxy!

This sequence, well done, shows us a strong, confident and strong Gideon within the council, also teasing us whether or not Moff might be obsessed with cloning. In addition to depicting the context of the rise of Imperial power, wouldn’t we also have the right to develop the cloning techniques that would so give Snoke and Palpatine? until the end ? Mandoverse may be promising a development way Mad Jedi’s Dark Crusade And a link between trilogy and postology?

According to the announcement of the celebration (AhsokaTo throw, link with Skeleton crew and Filoni’s film at the end of all these series), this could be a possible future for these productions. But I also believe that we need to put our expectations in perspective because The Mandalorian Of course this raises the bar with Chapter 23, but the plot barely advances the rest of the season.

Mandalor the Coveted

The entire Mandlo segment was excellent. There was a kind of welcoming excitement across the country. Our characters’ progress on this hostile planet was made with little lumps in the stomach. As if something was wrong and the ending of the episode showed it.

So the sequence is handled very well and I enjoyed the tension that arose both within the Mandalorian clan and within the narrative, leading up to the climax of Gideon’s discovery of the Imperial station.

First on the visuals: the whole thing was very nice but some ideas give the unit a dimension. I’m thinking of Mandalorian survival boats here. Excellent idea! Straight out of a steampunk artwork!

The Shadow Council, the Imperial Mandalorian soldiers… all of this will likely lead us to the introduction of Fen Rau as a rumor in the making of Star Wars (as does his voice actor, Kevin McKidd, here ). It will be interesting to develop these different Mandalorian factions, their interests, their perspectives… But there’s only one episode left!

This begs the question of our episode title, “The Spice”? But who are they? The series doesn’t really answer the question. Why is it Elijah? As we now confirm, he is Gideon’s spy within the New Republic. But the title is plural! Who are the other spies? Some think it could be armorer? Did he make a secret deal with Gideon for control of Mandalore? It would be surprising though that these discussions are based on the change in demeanor, attitude of the Dean clan chief from a few episodes. I quite like this idea. Because I don’t appreciate the warlike and inhumane values ​​of the Death Watch. Thus, an alliance with Gideon and the Armorer finally allows Day to take a step back with this belief and truly open up to others and take off this helmet from time to time! Also, are we going to see Pedro Pascal this season?

The episode ends on a high note of antics from all sides. Bo-Katan is a born leader, Gideon wants to fight and what style is in his armour, Paz Vizla destroys his weapon when he bombards the enemy and the arrival of the Praetorian Guards who again link to Postology (and the best scene of this in my eyes, throne room of eighth phase).

Which episode.


Although the season as a whole is disappointing (I’ll save a more global analysis of all of this season 3 for a future article), from time to time, this show’s potential comes out at 1000% and gives us a lot of generosity, commitment and quality.

This is a testament to the vitality of the story and the scope of Mandoverse’s potential.

See you next week for the analysis of the last episode which, if we are to believe that some tongues have been released) will be very intense!

Score: 100%

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