The Dungeons and Dragons classes of each main character in the party

stranger things ended with a huge cliffhanger, leaving the characters and the fans in suspense. Season 4 hurt extreme character growth among beloved members of the original Dungeons and Dragons to party. Although many new and groundbreaking characters have been introduced, the success of the underdogs is always tied to young and hopeful leads.

As fans know, D&D is intertwined with the show’s blossoming plot. The D&D classes of each main character help paint a clear picture of the different personalities and dependencies children have on each other. Since Season 1, the group of friends have clung to the knowledge they gained through their D&D adventures and the loyalty they have to the members of the group that kept them alive.


Eleven – Sorcerer

Stranger Things Eleven Vecna ​​and Mind-Flayer poster

Eleven is undoubtedly a Witch, having otherworldly abilities granted to her either by bloodline or cosmic forces, depending on which theory is applied. From an early age, Eleven was charged with immense power within her and forced to deal with the consequences, no matter what path she chose for herself.

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Wizards are extremely rare, and their magic manifests as uniquely as the individual they are bonded to. Throughout the show, Eleven has harnessed her abilities, like a D&D wizard, her magic can erupt chaotically against her will. Eleven is guaranteed to live a legendary life, thanks to her cosmic powers.

Mike – Paladin

Mike and Eleven in Stranger Things Season 4

Mike’s D&D class is a paladin due to his intense loyalty and devotion to Eleven. He decided that she was the most important thing to him and although Mike’s biggest flaw was brought to light in the fourth season, he remains unwaveringly loyal to Eleven and the fight for good.

Paladins are known for living a life of adventure that always revolves around a righteous cause. From the day Mike and his friends took in Eleven, they truly lived and sacrificed everything they had for the good of the world and Eleven. Mike will likely continue to express his loyalty and his oath to protect the superhero.

Willpower – Warlock

Does Byers Stranger Things

Sorcerers are known for their supernatural connections to magic and otherworldly beings of power. They are not only seekers of knowledge and power, but are also deeply connected to other planes of existence in the multiverse. Although Will was unwittingly tied to the Upside-Down from a young age, the bond he shares with Vecna ​​is undeniable in season four.

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Will has been very affected by the Upside-Down rumbles ever since he was helped there in captivity in season 1. of power, the similarities Will shares with D&D Warlocks are impossible to ignore. In Will’s fragile state, his true allegiance has yet to be revealed.

Dustin – Artificer

Dustin and Mike Stranger Things

Dustin is one of the smartest characters in stranger things and shows in countless situations that he is an ingenious problem solver. He is an artificer, known to be extremely intelligent and passionate about decoding and inventing items that allow them to achieve success in various ways.

Dustin’s endless ingenuity and out of the box thinking have helped the team on the path to success countless times. Artificers use magic related to common objects thanks to their intelligence and skills. By practically thinking, Dustin is able to use things like a Lite-Brite to help them communicate with others in the Upside-Down.

Lucas – Ranger

Stranger Things Season 4 Jason Ends Lucas

Having fought evil one-on-one many times throughout strange things, Lucas’ true character developed and was shown in his various quotes throughout the show which describe him as passionate, loyal, and courageous. Much like Lucas in Season 4, the Rangers are tasked with fighting and protecting civilizations on the outskirts before danger reaches the city.

In the chaos of the finale, Lucas is the only defense protecting Max from the unbridled vigilante, Jason. While Max experiences true terror and fights inside his mind, Lucas is tasked with fighting on the seemingly unrelated periphery, but his efforts are imperative to the survival of countless characters. He is immensely loyal and resourceful in battle.

Max – Thief

is max blind in stranger things 5

Max, with her resourcefulness and endless isolation, can be called a thief. Rogues are generally known for their stealth and cunning which helps them escape countless dangers and sticky situations. They’re not inherently evil, but most thieves live up to the stereotype of thieves, murderers, and thieves.

Max is a character who tends to isolate himself from his companions due to his self-perception and grief. She openly paved the way for herself to be known as the outlaw, unashamed and unafraid of societal expectations. In crucial moments, Max has shown stealth in her critical thinking, such as when she concocted a plan to escape Vecna ​​in her mind.

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