The countdown to the release of One Piece Chapter 1054 begins! Find out what more the Wano arc has in store for you

Fans are eagerly waiting for Chapter 1054 of the popular Japanese manga One Piece. The manga is currently on hiatus now. The next chapter is highly anticipated as it will reveal more of the Wano arc before the series ends.

One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda has announced a brief hiatus from the manga in preparation for the start of his final saga, which kicks off on July 24 with Chapter 1054. It seems the manga author took this hiatus, not for to rest but to work hard on the final saga.

Oda said, “I want to fix the structure of the Final Saga so that I can tighten it up as soon as possible.”

The previous chapters show that a new era in the land of Wano has finally begun. At the same time, Yamato unofficially joins the Straw Hat Pirates and introduces himself to the crew. There is a festive atmosphere all over the country. People are praising how Joy Boy defeated Kaido. But the Wano arc isn’t over yet. It looks like there are more twists left in the Wano arc. We saw Ryokugyu arrive to take Luffy’s head.

There are many other story angles that could be incorporated into the planned One Piece Chapter 1054 storyline. The reason for Admiral Ryokugyu’s presence on Wano is one of the key facts that could be covered in the next chapter.

It’s clear that Ryokugyu wants to kill Luffy and present his head to Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (formerly known as Admiral Akainu) without being asked to do so. In this way, he wants to please the Admiral. It could be that Fujitora in Dressrosa doesn’t actually want to fight Luffy, but still has to to save his career as Admiral, Sportskeeda noted.

There might be a big fight between Luffy, the Straw Hat members and Ryokugyu in One Piece Chapter 1054.

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Moreover, in the basement of the castle, Robin and Tenguyama Hitetsu are in discussion. Hitetsu reveals that he is Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden’s father. Robin wants to know more about the Pluto of Ancient Weapons. Kozuki says it is somewhere in Wano but does not know the exact location where it is kept.

One Piece Chapter 1054 could also focus on Robin continuing his search for Pluto in Wano, and Franky could attempt to recreate the plans for the ship. During the Enies Lobby arc, he destroyed those under threat that the World Government could capture them.

A lot could happen in Wano Country, yet fans are waiting to see Luffy be announced as the new Yonko. We also got to see Buggy updates.

At the end of the war, Yamato unofficially joins the Straw Hat Pirates and introduces himself to the crew. It looks like One Piece Chapter 1054 will feature a bounty of Yamato including other Straw Hat Pirates.

The countdown to the release of One Piece Chapter 1054 has begun. We have to wait a few more days for the planned chapter. One Piece Chapter 1054 will be released on Sunday, July 24, 2022. You can read manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse for the latest updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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