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The devastating earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6, the aftershocks as well as the wave of false information and fear-mongering that accompanied them and experts are still trying to deny, among some, have increased interest in countries in the region for a seismic activity. In order not to fall into the trap of false information, which tends to be relayed on social networks, Ici Beyrouth offers you applications that you can download for free on your phone to follow the seismic activity in the region.


For accessibility AndroidTo follow for iOS (in English)

Developed by the National Center for Geophysics of the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-Lebanon), the LebQuake application was launched in 2018. It provides scientific information on seismic activity in Lebanon: the location and coordinates of the earthquake, its magnitude on the Richter scale, the time of its occurrence (local and universal time), its distance from Beirut and the nearest city or village to its epicenter, as well as its distance from the app user. The latter can also signal an earthquake, allowing the National Geophysical Center to complete its research.

The user can choose to view the earthquakes occurring during a specific period in the form of a list or geographic map.

Earthquake notifications are sent based on recorded magnitudes.

LebQuake is currently available in English (French and Arabic continue to be developed), on Android, but does not yet appear on PlayStore. It can be downloaded from its Facebook page National Geophysical Center or by clicking Here.

The application for iOS systems should be available in the next few days.


For accessibility iOS And Android (in English)

Designed by seismologists, LastQuake is the official application of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), a scientific organization founded in 1975. Located in Paris, it brings together 84 seismological institutes from 55 different countries, including the CNRS-Lebanon National. Center for Geophysics.

In case of earthquakes, LastQuake provides real-time alerts. Thanks to the participatory action of users, comments, videos and photos provided by witnesses are reported on an interactive map. Users can share their testimonials on Twitter.

Information on each earthquake’s activity is provided: the date and time of the earthquake and its location.

By consulting the “Near Me” section of the application, the user can find out if he is in the area where the earthquake occurred.

Safety is also advised in case of an earthquake or tsunami.

This application is available in English for IOS and Android systems.

My earthquake warning

For accessibility iOS And Android (in French and English)

My Earthquake Alerts app tracks earthquake activity around the world. On the home page, a list of recent earthquakes is displayed. It can be personalized by creating filters by region, intensity and date of the earthquake.

Alerts are also sent if there is an earthquake in the region where the user is located. The user can choose the alerts he wants to receive: all earthquakes that occur in the world, those that occur only in the area he is located, or high magnitude…

One catch: users cannot choose to be notified only about earthquakes that occur in the Middle East, as the information is available by continent.

The application is available in English and French on iOS and Android systems.

Earthquake + warning, map

For accessibility iOS And Android (in French and English)

The data available in the EarthQuake+Alerts Maps application is collected from several seismological organizations in the United States, Australia, Europe, Great Britain and Canada, such as the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center.

This application provides information on recent earthquakes, listed in chronological order. It offers the possibility of receiving real-time notifications only when made available by a vibration source

Each earthquake is detailed. Just click on the question to get information about earthquake location, coordinates, magnitude, number of people who reported it, etc. The app also contains a list of tsunami bulletins

It is also possible to filter earthquakes by region, magnitude, date and source.

Easy to use, the application is available in French and English for iOS and Android systems.

Built-in Android detection and alert system

Android type phones have built-in anti-seismic detection and alert systems. To activate it, you need to go to Settings, open the “Security and Emergency” tab and click on “Earthquake”. If the phone is not recent, you must go to “Location” (Location) and click on “Earthquake”.

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It should be noted that warnings are sent only for earthquakes whose magnitude exceeds 4.5 on the Richter scale.

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