The best anime about serial killers

Some of anime’s darkest and twistiest stories also feature serial killers so well crafted they can send shivers down the spine of viewers with just one look. Some of these terrifying stories can easily make it onto any scariest horror anime list, though those who prefer detective and sci-fi stories can just as easily find an exciting anime story with an evil serial killer.

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While most popular anime characters are mighty heroes and warriors, these scary serial killer anime stories will prove that the whole world can be made to live in fear without superpowers or exceptional physical strength. Some of these stories have become so popular over the years that the creators have revisited them and brought to life some of the most gripping anime-based movies viewers will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.


8 B: The beginning

B: The beginning is one of the newest animated serial killer series with surprising twists and great characters. The story takes place in a world where a group of scientists want to create peace with the help of “new humans”.

This anime combines two separate stories: one with a supernatural mystery and the other about Koku and Keith trying to track down a brutal serial killer in Cremona. The first season focuses more on the serial killer, Killer B, and the investigation. However, as the protagonists get closer to him, they begin to unravel a much bigger mystery.

seven ID: Invaded

ID: Invaded is one of the most twisted sci-fi anime series about serial killers. The protagonist of the story is Akihito Narihisago: a former homicide detective who went to prison for killing the serial killer who murdered his daughter.

Akihito is given a new opportunity when he’s tasked with solving a gruesome murder in a virtual reality world. He must enter ‘ID Wells’ where he is able to see certain things inside the killer’s unconscious. There he must find clues to solve the crime. This series features several serial killers and the story is unique with exciting twists, helping to make ID: Invaded one of the best anime series for Psycho-Pass fans.

6 beautiful bones

beautiful bones is a great mystery anime with an artistic animation style, unique characters, and a story that keeps viewers hooked without ever getting too dark. The lead of the story is Sakurako Kujo, who solves various crimes using bones. As she investigates several deaths, she discovers that all the clues lead to a main serial killer.

Fans who love crime anime series and educational references will surely fall in love with Sakurako and her partners. The character development and story were praised by fans and critics alike, who all adored the anime’s handling of death and its mysteries.

5 tokyo ghoul

tokyo ghoul is not for the faint of heart. Although this is a fantasy story at heart, it still deals with serious themes and the story gets beyond violent in most episodes. The protagonist of the series, Ken, is one of the anime characters who has suffered a lot since tokyo ghoul the creators were really not easy on him.

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This anime series is full of brutal serial killers who happen to be ghouls, but they’re just as scary as any human murderer, if not more so. Yamori is one of the most terrifying and powerful serial killer ghouls in the series. Not only does he look like a creepy horror movie character, he never misses an opportunity to act like one either.

4 The future newspaper

The future newspaper is an exceptionally dark and thrilling series and is a great anime for squid game Fans. This unique anime story is about 12 young children who are all given Future Diaries to compete against each other and become the new God. There are many murders in the series but its most evil murderer is Yuno.

This seemingly weak and cute girl is obsessed with Yukki, which further increases the number of her victims. Yuno is known to be the scariest of all Yandere anime girls and for very good reason. She kills without mercy, which makes the series incredibly dark and incredibly surprising.

3 Deleted

In Deleted​, time travel encounters one of the most despicable killers in anime history. Thanks to his killer, anime fans have learned what it’s like to truly hate a fictional character with every fiber of their being.

The story follows Satoru Fujinuma who travels back in time to try to prevent the murders of small children and their mother. Unfortunately, Saturo doesn’t always succeed as he doesn’t know if the murders are connected or who committed them. Whereas Deleted is certainly a heavy show, it’s also one of the darkest and most thrilling anime serial killer stories ever told.

2 Freak

Freak possesses one of the most ruthless psychopathic serial killers fans will ever encounter. He is an intelligent and highly manipulative killer who is able to influence others on an almost unimaginable level. Not only does he kill, but he turns others into killers and is even able to convince others to commit suicide.

FreakThe protagonist of is Kenzo: a Japanese surgeon who travels across Europe in an attempt to stop this dangerous serial killer. Kenzo saved Johan as a child and after the two became involved as adults, Kenzo realized that Johan was a dangerous serial killer and decided he had to find a way to stop him.

1 Death threat

Death threat is the most popular and beloved anime series about a serial killer. This anime is so celebrated that the creators return to it again and again, creating many exciting and new versions of Light Yagami. Death threat is not only a fan favorite anime, but it is also one of the most critically acclaimed series and kept fans guessing until the very end.

The story follows a young man called Light Yagami, who accidentally stumbles upon a mysteries notebook and soon realizes that he is capable of killing anyone in any way as long as he writes his full name on it. one of the pages of the book. While he starts out small and only kills criminals, by the end of the series he was able to murder over a hundred thousand people.

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