The 10 Most Respected Marines In One Piece, Ranked

In A play, marines are treated with the utmost respect. Pirates tend to brush them aside, and civilians celebrate them as the only heroes capable of stemming a growing tide of crime and invasions beyond the coasts. Carefully organized propaganda helps to improve the public image of the marines.

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The most revered servants of the world government receive special recognition from people around the world. By identifying the nation’s most decorated and committed soldiers, it becomes easier to glean their contributions against pirates and the many factors that help them stand out as truly exceptional.

This article contains spoilers from A play manga.

ten The stubborn perseverance of the smoker was recognized

Smoker was a Marine who harassed Luffy’s early Boons on the East Blue. His seething hatred of pirates helped fuel his mission, leading to his clash with pirates like Crocodile and Doflamingo. For his efforts, Smoker was awarded Task Force G-5.

It consists of deadly thugs who hope to reintegrate into society for their service. Despite not having much to work with, Smoker made the most of his strengths and earned their unwavering loyalty in return.

9 Momonga was a reputed vice-admiral with sensitive duties

A man of integrity and principle, Vice-Admiral Momonga has been entrusted with the most sensitive missions of the world government. For example, he personally picked up Boa Hancock from Amazon Lily to be present at Marineford’s execution.

Momonga is also exceptionally brave and persistent.

He posed a significant threat to the Whitebeard Pirates during the battle for the coast and followed orders when necessary. Diligent and trustworthy, Momonga’s ability to do his job has made him an honor for the World Government, even though he is not powerful enough to become an Admiral.

8 Aokiji does what he thinks is best for the world.

Admiral Aokiji’s career was mixed. Although he has sometimes betrayed the World Government (such as aiding Nico Robin’s escape and letting Luffy go when they first meet), his pitfalls remain relatively unknown.

Like Akainu and Kizaru, Aokiji was a huge credit at Marineford. Additionally, his position as an admiral carries a tremendous amount of respect from the highest echelons of world government. However, Aokiji lost his credibility after being defeated by Akainu, missing out on the chance to become Fleet Admiral, and resigning from the Marines.

seven Green Bull is the last Admiral of the Marines

Green Bull is the last Admiral to serve under the World Government. His Devil Fruit allows him to produce large amounts of wood and manipulate nature in unpredictable ways. Shortly after his debut, Green Bull traveled to Wano to promote his master’s interests there.

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As an admiral, he had a reasonable chance of achieving their goals and taking advantage of the country’s instability. However, as little is known about Green Bull and because he was not involved in the Marineford dispute, he cannot be ranked higher.

6 Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government

As powerful as he is imposing, Kong plays an essential role in the world government. Having dedicated his service for more than three decades, he was a former Admiral of the Fleet and current Commander-in-Chief.

Highly respected among his colleagues, Kong is one of the Marines’ last lines of defense. He is so essential to the mission of the World Government that he did not participate in the Battle of Marineford because he is a valuable asset. Predictably, the respect Kong receives from Marines and civilians runs deep.

5 Kizaru is the Celestial Dragons’ first choice for defense

Kizaru is the only member of the original three admirals to retain his position, indicating how valuable he is to the marines. Despite his languorous and flippant ways, he is so well liked by the World Government that he is a top pick for the Celestial Dragons themselves.

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This was seen during the Battle of Sabaody, where he was deployed to restrain Luffy after Charloss was attacked. Kizaru is yet to break his undefeated record, surviving matchups with the likes of Ben Beckman and even Dark King Rayleigh. If there is a limit to the Admiral’s power, it remains to be discovered.

4 Fujitora’s dedication to the truth earns him fame

Fujitora may not have fought in the Battle of Marineford, but he made a name for himself immediately after his debut. When Doflamingo’s birdcage threatened to slaughter the citizens of Dressrosa, he helped the pirates stave off the doomsday tide.

Most notable, it exposed the World Government’s role in the atrocity by broadcasting Doflamingo’s defeat and emphasizing his status as a warlord. Fujitora may not be well liked by his superiors, though Marines and civilians around the world respect his commitment to the truth.

3 Sengoku was a champion of his own time

There are many reasons to respect Sengoku. Besides being a fleet admiral, he was directly responsible for stopping Blackbeard from slaughtering everyone in Marineford. Additionally, he was an adversary of Rocks D. Xebec, one of the most evil pirates in history.

However, Sengoku has since retired and only hangs out at naval bases advising them. As a result, its popularity has waned in favor of more relevant navies who actively pursue World Government goals.

2 Akainu is absolute justice of the high seas

Akainu is a renowned veteran and champion of the Marines. Besides facing Whitebeard in single combat, he managed to prevent Ace’s escape and split the enemy forces with a single rumor. For his actions, Akainu received a promotion to Admiral of the Fleet.

Since then, he has resided on the world’s most active conflicts, carefully monitoring how Luffy and the Emperors interact with each other. Religiously devoted to the concept of absolute justice, Akainu’s vigilance is respected and feared by his colleagues and people across the world.

1 Garp is a beloved war hero

Having served the World Government for most of his life, Garp is a beloved credit to the Marines. Fair, lively and powerful, he often takes the lead in the most contested conflicts of the marines. Garp is so well respected that he’s able to get away with things that other vice admirals wouldn’t.

For example, he openly disparages the Celestial Dragons and almost attacked Akainu in Marineford. The upper echelons of the World Government support Garp’s exuberance because they know they cannot afford to lose him.

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