The 10 Most Politically Powerful Characters In One Piece, Ranked

Often a A play the character’s power is defined by the number of mountains he can destroy or characters he can defeat. Given the importance of combat in the story, this is an understandable, if misguided, conception. Time and time again, the series has proven that the greatest strength one can have lies in political connections.

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From aligning with marines and pirates to controlling information received by the public, good friends can be the difference between success and death. By identifying the most politically powerful characters in the series, it becomes easier to understand how they used their resources to gain an advantage.

ten Big Mom has agents all over the world

Big Mom might not be the smartest emperor, though she has hundreds of agents around the world to enforce her will. This was first mentioned in Fish-Man Island, where the Straw Hats anticipated the assassins now that they had become his enemies.

Additionally, Big Mom is keen on building alliances with other superpowers. For example, she hoped to form a brief bond with Germa 66 in order to steal their technology, and joined forces with the Beast Pirates with similar manipulative intentions.

9 Buggy is an emperor who traveled with Roger

Despite being considered a novelty villain, Buggy is surprisingly high profile. Not only was he a former sea warlord, but he recently became an emperor who commands the largest association of mercenaries in the world.

Buggy is also well connected with the most famous pirates in history. He was a childhood friend of Shanks and personally traveled with Gol D. Roger. Additionally, he has won the allegiance of the Impel Down prisoners and remains the only pillar of stability that keeps his crew together.

8 Shanks is respected by literally everyone

The true extent of Shanks’ relationships has yet to be fully understood. However, he was respected enough to stop the marines from finishing off the Whitebeard Pirates at Marineford, and even managed to gain an audience with the Gorosei without interruption.

Shanks was also a member of Roger’s crew, only missing Laugh Tale to deal with Buggy. Now that Buggy and Luffy are emperors, Shanks is close friends with almost everyone in the pirate world. However, this does not imply that they will not compete for One Piece in the future.

seven Whitebeard was known as the strongest man of his time.

Whitebeard was a critically acclaimed pirate whose family came from all walks of life. He had allies from Fish-Man Island to Wano, even befriending Roger shortly before his death.

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Unlike Shanks and Buggy, Whitebeard is more powerful politically due to the many territories he commanded. He also managed to summon a gigantic fleet in order to attack Marineford despite the dangers associated with it. The man’s commitment to his “children” is his greatest asset as he is willing to risk everything to make sure they all stay safe.

6 Doflamingo could be manipulating world news

By his own merits, Doflamingo was decently connected. He ruled the Kingdom of Dressrosa through chicanery and enjoyed a partnership with Kaido. As a sea warlord, the marines were also not keen on investigating his many crimes. Still, Doflamingo’s greatest asset is his status as a Celestial Dragon.

Although disavowed, this gave him enough influence to change the news and deceive Trafalgar Law. Considering he could alter public opinion with a single call, Doflamingo would only have become more influential if Luffy hadn’t stopped him.

5 Kaido had ties to other Emperors and the World Government

Kaido’s arms business made him one of the most successful pirates in history. Wano’s smelters were so prolific that some World Government agents even quietly purchased weapons from him. He was also attached to the marines through Warlord Doflamingo and his SMILE brokerage operations.

Additionally, Kaido has allied himself with Orochi in order to secure Wano and crush the spirit of his people. Her pact with Big Mom also strengthened the Beast Pirates and helped them endure Onigashima’s invasion.

4 Luffy has friends all over the world

Luffy has made many allies during his adventures to find One Piece. Along with getting one of the most powerful crews in the world, he also earned the respect of Whitebeard Pirates and even Marines (such as Smoker, Garp, and Coby).

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Nonetheless, Luffy’s greatest relationships are the bonds he has developed with other world leaders. The monarchies of Dressrosa, Drum Kingdom, Wano, and Alabasta are all very grateful to him for saving them from many threats. Although unable to officially defend Luffy at the Reverie, they reliably vote and act on his behalf.

3 Dragon is the leader of the revolutionary army

Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, making him an extremely prominent political figure. With one of the highest bounties in the series, he capitalized on resentment towards the World Government and formed alliances everywhere.

In addition to his partnership with the Kingdom of Kamabakka, Dragon’s influence has seeped into the World Government itself. He was a close friend of Warlord Kuma and the son of sea legend Garp. Always aware of the Celestial Dragons’ plans, Dragon’s swashbuckling and stabbing tactics help establish him as a credible opposition.

2 Big News Morgan determines what the public thinks

Big News Morgan is the owner of the largest publishing house in the world. Its articles are received by civilians around the world, helping to inform them about the most crucial current events. In the past, Morgan has been bribed to publish work that portrays world government in a positive light.

However, he recently vindicated his journalistic integrity, going so far as to shoot a naval officer and proclaim his independence. Although he has no official allies, Morgan’s grip on public opinion makes him a bird of unprecedented power.

1 I control the world government from the shadows

Im was the shadowy leader of the World Government and the only person to outrank the Gorosei. Although virtually nothing is known about him, it is strongly implied that he is responsible for the Empty Age and suppresses the truth about it.

Considering that the World Government encompasses all the seas and Im is its leader, he effectively rules the world. Based on X Drake’s infiltration into the Worst Generation, it can even be hinted that he has influence in the pirate world as well.

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