Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix’s sci-fi drama stranger things is a show that became an instant phenomenon when it was released in 2016. The show attracted a lot of viewers right from its inception. The show started its fourth season in May this year and was well received by audiences and critics. The show also enjoys a huge fan base in India.

On the show’s popularity, a spokesperson for netflix said, “We are making great strides on this front with titles like stranger things. Besides the unique homage to 1980s nostalgia, stranger things revolves around a universal message: friendship is stronger than fear. It’s a cross-generational story, and viewers of all ages have something to tell. Each season spawns memes, fan fiction, and cultural moments. It’s amazing to see fans from all over the world doing stranger things part of their life. We will continue to innovate and bring stories that everyone can enjoy and that everyone can relate to.

As the show has been renewed for a fifth season, we bring you ten interesting facts about the show’s fourth season:

1. The last season of stranger things generated an overall audience of over 1.26 billion hours.

stranger things one

2. stranger things Season 4 has been watched for over 1.55 billion hours worldwide since its initial release on May 27, 2022.

stranger things b

3. The final season of the series also reached No. 1 on netflix‘s Top 10 lists in 92 countries, which is a first for an English-language television series.

stranger things c

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4. stranger things Sseason 4 has become Netflix’s most watched English series in the world, state sources

stranger things 4

5. The show’s fourth season earned 13 Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, among others.

stranger things

6. netflix celebrated the soundtrack of stranger things with a unique Indian twist in a collaboration with legendary music composer, Ilaiyaraaja, who created a special rendition of the series’ opening theme. The 2-minute music video features elements from the series and also features Ilaiyaraaja himself.

seven. Popular Bollywood star and fan of the show, Varun Dhawan has created a video that features a special tour of his house, where things get weirder!

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8. netflix has also teamed up with popular cookie brand OREO to release a limited edition Stranger Things-themed red Oreo for fans to enjoy.

9. The frenzy was reinforced by reaction videos, including Indian grandparents react to Stranger Things with Akasa, Sharan and Eshna. Indian comedian Rohan Joshi also reacted to stranger things Season 4. It demonstrates the immense love for stranger things in India as it is widely seen and celebrated across the country.

ten. stranger things 4. Vol. 1 has been created with one-of-a-kind projection mapping of Mumbai’s beloved and iconic tourist landmark – The Gateway of India. The heritage landmark has been lit up with a larger-than-life display of popular pieces from the series, taking over the Mumbai night sky.

stranger things gateway

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