Stranger Things Season 5: Everything We Know

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stranger things season 5

stranger things just wrapped up its fourth season on Netflix and while the wait has been long, the returns have more than paid off. We finally caught up with The Party who no longer all resided in Hawkins, Indiana, but were still dealing with the issues that arose in The Upside Down. It was a story that answered a number of different questions about the show and also set the stage for something much bigger. So even though we are in the fourth season, there are already questions around stranger things Season 5. Unlike last time, we won’t (hopefully) wait years and years to catch up with Eleven, Mike and the rest of the gang.

Let’s take a look at everything we know about stranger things Season 5 and what’s to come with this hit Netflix series.

WARNING: There are spoilers for stranger things Season 4 is coming here.

What happened with STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4?

stranger things season 4

It took almost three years from the end of the third season to the start of the show’s fourth season, a timeline filled with a global pandemic, massive delays, star scheduling conflicts, and much more. Moreover. In the end, the main youth cast had aged considerably, which gave the fourth season an odd feeling, especially if you were following the series from the start. Although the tale only takes place a few months apart, the actual aging of the characters was striking. We shouldn’t have such problems with stranger things Season 5 if all goes well.

In season four, The Party was separated from Team Byers and Eleven residing in sunny California and the rest of the group dealing with growing problems in Hawkins. The latter was right in the series of seemingly random murders of high school students, all instigated by Vecna, a dude clearly more powerful than anything they had faced so far. But we were introduced to the Hellfire Club, Eddie, and part of the story of why things at Hawkins had been bad for so long. The way things broke down, a lot of it still isn’t resolved until stranger things Season 5.

Meanwhile, in Cali, Will, Eleven and Jonathan are settled into “normal” high school life before Mike Wheeler shows up and everything starts to go potty (which Jonathan has been smoking a lot of). Before they know it, Eleven returns to the lab with Joyce on their way to Russia to bring down Hopper while Mike and Will try to outrun the military and find where they’ve been hiding their superhero. It was a breakneck pace, especially at the end. But with the way things ended, stranger things Season 5 could pick up relatively close to where we saw the group standing on a demolished Hawkins as Mad Max and others suffered brutal fates.


stranger things 4

When all was said and done, stranger things Season 4 became the second most-watched offering on Netflix and it came close to taking the top spot. Netflix reported that users streamed 1.4 billion hours of the show, down 300 million hours from squid game 1.7 billion hours. It is an exploit.

Of course, Netflix strategically split the season into two parts, airing them about a month apart. This was to build suspense, but it was also likely that users would stick around for three months on the platform rather than just one when it came to streaming the series. It is not clear if stranger things Season 5 will be structured the same way, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet.


stranger things season 4

This series has been consistent throughout its run with the main cast and we’ll be picking up Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Noah Schnapp as Will, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas. When last we left, Sadie Sink’s Mad Max was in a coma, ultimately unable to escape Vecna’s clutches as planned. As with any series, if they didn’t attend the funeral, the character is still alive and that would seem to be the case with Max. But how or if it snaps remains to be seen. (Prediction: She absorbed some of Eleven and Vecna’s powers in the exchange and she will eventually become a hero here. Just my two cents).

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And because everyone had finally converged by the end of the final scene, it stands to reason we’ll have Winona Judd’s Joyce, David Harbour’s Hopper, plus Natalie Dyer as Nancy, Joe Keery as Steve, Maya Hawke as Robin, and many other supporting characters.

Who probably won’t come back for stranger things Season 5 will be Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson and Matthew Modine as Doctor Martin Brenner/Dad, both of whom seemed dead by the end of things.

And of course, what stranger things Season 5 will be without Jamie Campbell Bower as Henry Creel/ One/ Vecna. Season 4’s big bad was almost shipped, but not completely. We didn’t see any bodies there at all and Will still felt that Vecna ​​was there. They are all heading for a final showdown in this final season.


The easy answer to this one is no. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t going well. Far from there. The Writer’s Room Twitter account, @foreign writers, shared an update stating that this group is in the process of writing the final story. Check it out:

Now, while a blank whiteboard might not inspire a ton of confidence about a stranger things Season 5 is coming soon, it’s good to know that things are at least underway.


That’s the big question right now, isn’t it? Without any definite news and knowing that the story is not yet settled, even the best guess would put the timeline at the end of 2023 or even 2024. It wouldn’t be the same delay as last time, but that’s not like stranger things Season 5 is fast approaching.

We’ll keep things updated as we find out more. stranger things Season 5 and there should be a lot to come over the next year or so that will lay the groundwork for the final battle in Hawkins.

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