Stranger Things finale proves Will was always wrong about Mike

Stranger Things season 4 has Will reassuring Mike that he’s the heart of the group, but Will’s skewed perspective could cloud his judgement.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for stranger things 4, Volume 2.

The stranger things The Season 4 finale proved that Will was always wrong about Mike. stranger things Season 4 ended with an explosive finale, which saw Hawkins’ heroes face off with Vecna ​​in the Upside Down. To save Max’s life, Eleven entered her mind to try and fight Vecna ​​until she lost the upper hand and was trapped by the vines. Mike, finally able to admit he loved Eleven, encouraged her to fight back with an impassioned speech, giving Eleven the strength to break free. Although Mike’s speech provided an emotional moment, it wouldn’t have happened without the reassurance and guidance of his best friend, Will.


In stranger things season 4, episode 8, Mike, Will, Jonathan and Argyle traveled to Nevada to rescue Eleven. On the ride, Mike and Will had an emotional scene in the back of the van. It was here that Will tried to convince Mike that he was the heart of the party, by showing him the painting he was working on before spring break. Will’s painting depicts Mike as a valiant knight leading his friends into battle against a fearsome three-headed dragon. Will was adamant that Mike had always been the one who inspired the band.

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While Will’s desire to make his friend feel better and trust in his relationship with Eleven was admirable, it had the effect of pushing Will’s feelings aside. Jonathan noticed this, hence his brotherly conversation with Will in that same episode. But it left audiences wondering why exactly Will believed Mike was the heart of the band. Is this even true, or was this belief the result of Will’s conflicting feelings for Mike and a sense of “otherness” that plagued him for four seasons of stranger things?

Why Will considers Mike the heart

Mike Wheeler and Will Byers in Stranger Things 4 Episode 8

Although it has yet to be verbally confirmed on the show, Will Byers’ sexuality in stranger things has always been a talking point, and this season of stranger things focused on Will feeling different from everyone else. He linked this to the way Eleven often feels, to the fact that she’s also so different from other people. By telling Mike that he made Eleven feel like she wasn’t a mistake, it was clear that he was also referring to himself and how his friendship with Mike has been such a vital part. of his life. Mike has been a lifeline for Will, the same way Mike serves as a lifeline for Eleven. Naturally, Will sees Mike as the heart of the whole group, but maybe not everyone would see him that way.

Will’s conflicting feelings for his best friend, especially if it’s a romantic notion, played a big part in shaping Will’s perspective in stranger things season 4. If Mike has Will’s heart, and he has Eleven’s, how could he not be considered the heart of the whole group? While Will thinks Mike is the one to fill that role, his singular focus on Eleven could rob him of that title. The dynamic between Mike, Will, and Eleven isn’t the only dynamic at play in the party, and different perspectives might provide different answers to that all-important question: who’s the glue that holds the Hawkins gang together?

Why Will Could Be The Heart Himself

Stranger Things season 4 will be

Will was focused on the fact that he felt different from the others. Whether it’s because of his confusion about his sexuality or his lingering connection to the Upside Down, it still keeps him from seeing how vital he is to the whole group. Will probably feels guilty for being kidnapped in the first place and getting everyone into such a dangerous mess. It’s this guilt that keeps him from seeing how important he is to the group as a whole. It was their love for him – his mother’s love, his brother’s love, his friends’ love – that had brought them all together in the first place. It was Mike, Dustin, and Lucas’ determination to find Will themselves that brought them to Eleven. It all comes down to Will. Will himself could be the heart of the group; he will never allow himself to believe it.

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Who else could be the heart of the group?

Will gazes up at the sky in Stranger Things 4 finale

stranger things has a wide cast of characters, and there’s no reason to believe that Mike and Will are the only viable candidates to be considered the heart of the group. As explained earlier, it all comes down to perspective. Mike is the heart of the group in the eyes of Will and Eleven as well. However, in Jonathan’s eyes, it’s likely to be Will, or his mother Joyce, whose determination to figure out and follow the clues regarding the Upside Down has been nothing short of admirable. In Dustin’s eyes, it might even be Steve, an outsider who decided the right thing to do was to protect these people in any way possible, whether that be beating Demodogs with a nailed bat or sacrificing himself to the Russians. Lucas, in stranger things season 4, might think it’s Max, with their desire to save her from Vecna’s wrath overshadowing everything else. Steve might think it’s Nancy since she’s always ready to protect those she loves. It could be Dustin, whose biggest wish is to keep his friends together forever. The heart of the group might even be Eleven herself, as the group’s desire to protect her, both from the Upside Down and the scientists who created her, has guided them through each season.

With a cast as important as that of stranger things, it is difficult to identify the heart of the group. Each character brings something unique to the table, whether it’s superhero abilities, bravery, love, empathy, or humor. The heart of the group has a different meaning for everyone, and perhaps the events to come stranger things Season 5 will introduce a whole new perspective and reveal who the heart of the party really is.

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