Star Wars Celebration previews Andor’s visual effects work

Dr. on the last day of the conference Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm Ltd. Organized several panels focusing on technological advancements in his films and series. Among them, fans gathered in London were able to catch a glimpse of the work on the visual effects of the horror television series. Star Wars: InsidePossibly the best Star Wars content since the franchise took off The Walt Disney Company.

The wizards at ILM talk about Andor’s visual effects

Tony Gilroy once said thatinside did not use the volume’s technology, and while this is largely true, this claim is debunked by a panel entitled “Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Andor”. Star Wars Celebration Europe. The volume is not used because it is on The Mandalorian, where entire sets are on a curved screen, but this technology is visible during the scene on Coruscant, where we see the city outside the window of the Chandrilan embassy, ​​as well as some space scenes in the ship’s cockpit. Thus, although it is used sparingly, the series is no exception to the use of this technology, a tradition from the beginning of the series. star wars on Disney+.

for Scott PritchardIts visual effects supervisor Industrial Light and Magic, who oversees crews in London and Vancouver, learned many practical filmmaking techniques using the required volume. Luckily he managed to get into a test wall at a West London studio as part of preparation for filming the scene. But the volume becomes much better than a green screen, with reflections in the water glasses and eyes of the actors outside the city lights Even the raindrops on the window, which are actually dollops of glycerin, we are able to refract the light of the virtual city beyond the window.

Star Wars Celebratio visual effects and or 01

with inside More grounded in reality than any other series star wars, incorporating Coruscant into the story presented unique challenges. As depicted in movies and anime series, Planet City tends to be portrayed as an upscale and glamorous environment. London’s Barbican estate has solved many creative challenges, as explained Mohen Leo, visual effects supervisor. Digital scenery extensions and overlays have been applied to add Coruscant in the distance, while the actual buildings give the city a cohesive aesthetic with the series. inside.

Its visual effects producer Lucasfilm, TJ Falls, oversaw the logistics of each shot, heavily involved in the pre-visualization phase and throughout post-production. him and Mohen Leo Worked together Star Wars: A Rogue One Story And good style knew that to last inside. To help ground the series in reality, as many physical sets and locations as possible were used. T.J. Location scouting was part of the team, preparatory studies with actual locations that could be married together. The McLaren Technology Center in Surrey, for example, was the location of a spaceport. There was no water feature in the concept art, but a lake outside the curved window reflected the water on the ceiling. Instead of removing them, the concept art was changed to give the terminal a water feature.

Star Wars Celebratio visual effects and or 01

Special Effects Supervisor, Richard van den Bergh, was most responsible for safety in terms of practical effects. Whether it’s blowing up a real train that will be thrown into the background of Ferris or driving a giant gimbal that will shake the whole thing during a meteor shower, inside presents unique challenges. The pandemic also had the benefit of a longer planning process for the series. The scene he’s most proud of is when Cassian Andor escapes from a room full of chains in the first episode, everything was realistic. 379 chains were suspended from the ceiling of the stage and released. It took a long time to put everything together, so with a lot of rehearsals and planning, it was done one at a time.

Nothing is easy to bring to life though star warsOne of our favorite parts of the Visual Effects panel from inside The team had to learn how to build on the past to create new projects. A digital “ossuary” of artifacts can be extracted, which greatly simplifies the design of Ferix’s shipyard. Of course, keeping in mind where they are in the timeline, Pablo Hidalgo It is advisable to ensure that they are not using a piece of ship that does not belong to that period.

The team was tight-lipped about their work in Season 2insideBut you can tell they’ll have just as exciting stories to share at future events. Star Wars Celebration.

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