Star Wars Celebration 2023 – What to take away from the announcements

traditional Star Wars Celebration Soon to be completed in London. Later, fans of the franchise were able to visit stands selling derivative products, attend shows or interviews with actors and producers involved in projects taking place in the universe, from April 7 to 10. George LucasBut also, and above all, being at the forefront of announcements about the franchise’s future.

In this spirit, representatives of Disney and Lucasfilm and president Dr Kathleen KennedyA conference was held where ongoing projects to say new adventures in this galaxy far, far away were presented, and at least we can say that Disney is not ready to rest from its hen that lays the golden egg.

The Star Wars universe expands

its universe star wars Rich with new eras located at the extreme ends of the canon timeline. Thus “Dawn of the Jedi” emerged and became the first known period before the Old Republic, which also entered the new official timeline after being removed from it in 2021. On the other hand, the “New Period” Jedi Order” sets up the events that take place after the last trilogy of films, with the rebirth of the Jedi Order with Rey Skywalker becoming the Jedi Master.

Three new movies and a new series are coming out

Those who want to see new pictures star wars The big screen will delight; Those who like us to soak up the franchise like an obscene sponge to maximize revenue at the expense of any originality must be in for a treat. There are actually three new movies planned by Disney for the coming years.

The first of them will explore precisely this new era that serves as an origin: “Dawn of the Jedi”. Edited by James Mangoldwho is directing the new indie, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” the film will explore the origins of the Force and the creation of the Jedi. If this lore is supported by special effects and character festivity to make it bad at all costs, it is possible that it will ultimately be the vehicle for exploring the greatest potential and most interesting philosophical issues.

Second, made by Sharmin Obaid-ChinayA Pakistani director who is also active in the recognition of women’s rights, he will be responsible for telling Rebirth of the Jedi Order by Rey Skywalker. Daisy Ridley, postology ended after fifteen years. This will be the most anticipated film by cynics and fans alike considering how controversial a character Rey is given due to the poor writing and near-perfectness of the character.

Finally, the third, produced by Dave Filoni, will continue to explore the universe of The Mandalorian (the famous Mandoverse) series in the form of a feature film set between Episodes 6 and VII. The film should feature the iconic grand American throne as the antagonist.

And again, a new series centered on Ashok Tano will arrive this summer. In it, Anakin’s former apprentice must investigate the rise of a new threat after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Produced by Dave Filoni And Jon Favreauwe will see Rosario Dawson Embodying a Jedi Knight after his first appearance in The Mandalorian series.

It is uncertain whether this stand-alone movie will add anything significant to a franchise built by two trilogies. (The third is essentially a remake of the first and is set after the second, not relevant in the general universe) where George Lucas Knew where he was starting, where he was going, and the stories he wanted to tell and develop. The Clone Wars and Anakin’s transformation wouldn’t have been so impactful if they were just the plot of one movie. Therefore, these isolated films will undoubtedly be beautiful, but perhaps not very interesting in terms of what they can bring to the universe. star wars.

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