Several famous anime have been threatened in Japan due to this behavior

Among the most anticipated anime of this year, we specifically find out Jujutsu Kaisenwhose season is expected for 2 July 2023, or even Monster Slayer And its season 3, though an animated film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – On the way to Blacksmith Village Expected at the end of the month, thus it is possible to link between the previous season and the new one. And while fans are eagerly waiting for the rest Anime Now the cults, recent information may well bring some changes in the next season of these different projects.

A scandal surrounding a famous Japanese voice actor

A few months ago, we presented a list of anime that would soon be landing on Crunchyroll, which we notably missed. NannyAn original series created by GoRA Collective (Notably known for anime K-project) and King Records. The anime is produced by Studio Blanc, to whom we recently credited Iskai The reincarnation of a powerful exorcist from another world (OV: Saikyo Onmyōji no Isekai Tenseiki: Geboku no Yōkai-domo ni Kurabete Monsutā ga Yowasugiru n Da ga), and its output is Scheduled for the course of 2023.

And precisely, fans recently learned that one seiyu (or voice actor) from the anime Nanny Going to be replaced due to “various circumstances”. Of course it is Takahiro Sakurai, a famous Japanese voice actorGriffith is best known for acting in its adaptation desperatelyOr even Cloud Strife In Final Fantasy VIIwho recently dropped out of the project.

So it seems that the “various circumstances” that prompted his dismissal, would be a major contributory factor. An extramarital affair Sakurai had for ten years with a scriptwriter for her radio showAnd which will be released a few months ago.

This dismissal would then prove to be a very bad omen for Sakurai’s career, which would later affect other projects Seiyu participated in. Because if this comedian’s name may not sound like anything to you, you’ll no doubt recognize his voice.As he has embodied many popular characters at the moment, such as Suguru Geto In Jujutsu KaisenRegen Artaka Inn Mob Psycho 100But Giyū Tomioka in Monster Slayerand more recently in Sae Itoshi blue lock.


Note that This is not the first time that we can witness this kind of replacement after a similar case. Indeed, with the announcement of the release of season 2 Tokyo RevengeWhich is currently being aired, fans were learning Tatsuhisa Suzuki will no longer be voicing Druken. The decision followed the scandal that broke out last year after the actor’s infidelity came to light.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki will no longer voice Drake in Tokyo Avengers Season 2

and to find out Awesome trailer for this highly anticipated anime on NetflixSee our previous article on this topic here.

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