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The Acolyte is one of the next Star Wars series to hit our screens. A very promising creation, given that it will take place in a still unexplored period of the story. We stock up on what we know about it.

From the Star Wars series, a shovel begins to be hell. Among all creations, one is still quite mysterious. his name Acolyte.

This series has two specialties. First, it would focus on a very dark side of the universe, plunging us straight into the depths of the dark side. Second, it will perform A period never before seen on screen: the High Republic.


Although the details of The Acolyte are still unclear, We already know some things about him. In this file, we’ll take stock of everything there is to know about this mysterious project. Are you ready, young Padawans?

When will Acolyte be released?

Acolyte will hit the screen By 2024. There is no specific date for the moment, Lucasfilm tends to give air dates only a few months in advance. Before The Acolyte, Lucasfilm planned to air Ahsoka and the Skeleton Crew.

On which platform will Acolyte be broadcast?

As with all Star Wars series, Acolyte will air on Disney+. Membership is 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year.

How many episodes will Acolyte consist of?

for the moment, Lucasfilm did not provide an episode count. For the first season of The Acolyte. The Star Wars series has no rules. For example, Mando consists of 8 episodes per season, while Andar does 12 and Obi-Wan 6. In short, anything is possible.


Is a season 2 of Acolyte already planned?

Lucasfilm only ordered one season For the acolyte. It is not yet known if it will be a mini-series or if it could be renewed.

Who will be in the cast of The Acolyte?

Acolyte has an interesting cast. The title role is played by Amandla Stenberg, a young actress who has already been seen in The Hunger Games or The Hate You Give. He is joined by Lee Jung-jae, a South Korean actor who had a huge breakthrough with the lead role in the Squid Game series.


We will find other more or less well-known actors on the bill, Like Rebecca Henderson who plays Vernestra Roh (a character who appeared in several novels) or Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) in an unknown role. Fun fact: Jonas Suotamo, who played Chewbacca in Postology and Solo, will play another Wookiee.

Who will be in charge of The Acolyte?

Acolyte is a Series written, supervised and directed by Leslie Headland, Best known for her work on the Russian Doll series. The producer gave details about his baby’s voice during Star Wars Celebration in April 2023. He claims to be the Acolyte A bit like Frozen meets Kill Bill, All from the villain’s point of view. Everything will be inspired by old samurai movies… what could be more logical for a Star Wars? A complete program.

Russian doll

Acolyte, what is it?

The story of The Acolyte is very mysterious at the moment. We all know that We will follow a Jedi and his former Padawan as they investigate a crime. Our two allies will gradually realize the existence of a larger conspiracy, possibly involving the Sith.

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When does Acolyte take place in the timeline?

Acolyte’s specialty is performed During the High Republic, 100 years before The Phantom Menace (Part I). At this time, the Republic is at the height of its power, as is the Jedi Order, the armed wing of the Democracy. Admittedly, there are some ups and downs, such as the war against the Nihils (a group of pirates), but it’s still a golden age. The Sith, meanwhile, are a distant memory, eradicated centuries ago… or so it seems.


The period is here adapted for the screen for the first time, but not new. effective, It has already been explored by the label La Haute République Launching in 2021, this editorial project explores an entirely new part of the Star Wars universe with novels or comics. The goal is to show what the world was like hundreds of years before the first episode, little explored until then.


What are Star Wars’ plans after The Acolyte?

The Acolyte holds the distinction of being the latest announced Star Wars series for now. That means then… It’s too blurry. There is no doubt that The Mandalorian will continue its momentum with new seasons and that existing series will be renewed, such as Ahsoka or the Skeleton Crew, but this remains unclear. A project for a series about Lando Calrissian’s youth will also be on the cards, but nothing specific for now. Lucasfilm has been more vocal on the movie side. Three films have been announced During Star Wars Celebration 2023. All are expected to be released before 2030.

The first is an episode X that doesn’t say its name. 15 years after The Rise of Skywalker, we’ll find Rey (Daisy Ridley) as she tries to rebuild the Jedi Order. The film will be directed by Sharmin Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel) and will have the heavy task of restoring order to the mess of Episode IX. Perhaps start a new arc for the story?


The second is a film based on the first Jedi, That is to say ahead of time as we know it. It will be directed by James Mangold, to whom we owe Copland, Logan or even Indiana Jones 5.

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The third will be a film directed by Dave Filoni. He will take care of ending “Mandovers”, Meaning stories started from The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett or Ahsoka. This movie should bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the postology and tell us how the Empire became the First Order.

The Mandalorian Season 3

Added to all this are projects that are still mysterious, but still supported by Disney. Kathleen Kennedy confirms this Rian Johnson’s trilogy (The Last Jedi) was still relevant, But the director’s other projects have caught fire for Netflix. Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok and Love and Thunder) is still working on his film.

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