Red’ nets franchise’s highest opening weekend numbers, breaking box office records

The recent opening weekend release of One Piece Movie: Red saw Japanese moviegoers flooding theaters to see the highly anticipated film. The turnout was incredibly successful, with the film seemingly becoming the highest-grossing opening weekend in the franchise’s long film history.

One Piece Movie: Red would also have broken even more records, coming in second in two key categories, which underscore the film’s success. It was certainly a great year for animated films, with other entries such as Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train also bringing home fantastic box office numbers.

Follow this article which describes in detail the latest news concerning One Piece Movie: The Reds success on its opening weekend.

One Piece Movie: Red becomes the second highest-grossing opening weekend film in Japanese box office history, but with a caveat

One Piece Movie: Red box office numbers

ONE PIECE: FILM RED becomes the highest-grossing movie opening in the entire ONE PIECE franchise, with the 2nd-biggest opening day in Japanese history and the 2nd-biggest opening weekend ever in Japan. terms of income.…

As mentioned earlier, the highly anticipated One Piece Movie: Red The film was released in general Japanese theaters last weekend. Unsurprisingly, Japanese citizens flocked to theaters to see the film, with Saturday and Sunday figures being ¥2,254,237,030 ($16.63 million) combined with more than 1.5 million admissions in cinemas.

Within the franchise, the film has already become the highest-grossing opening weekend. However, the film also broke other overall box office records. Film: Red has already become the second highest-grossing Japanese opening weekend in history, which includes live-action cinema as well as cartoons and other animated films.

When looking at two-day openings, the only movie to have a better gross is from the 2020s. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. However, this excludes Mugen train Friday issues as well as Friday issues of other movies, since Film: Red open on a Saturday rather than a Friday. As a result, the movie’s ranking begins to slide once those Friday numbers for other movies are included.

Regardless of that specific caveat, the movie can already claim to have the highest opening weekend numbers for a film in the franchise. If the number of spectators and the excitement surrounding the film continues, it certainly has a chance to beat One Piece Movie: Z‘s highest grossing overall at 6.87 billion yen.

What is most impressive in all these various achievements Film: Red did is that it marks the 15th film in the franchise overall. For such an old franchise, with so many movies and other mediums to consume, it’s impressive to see such record numbers 15 movies and 25 years later.

The film follows Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew as they attend the concert of Uta, the most popular singer in the world. However, as most people don’t know, Uta is the daughter of the legendary Yonko Shanks and is a childhood friend of Luffy via her well-established acquaintance with Shanks.

Apparently DB fans are fighting with One Piece fans? Because Film Red did better than Super Hero at the box office? One Piece is objectively hotter in Japan and has been promoted better. DB is the biggest INTERNATIONAL IP, but they care about Japan first and foremost. Video on this soon.

Although it is only screening in Japan at the time of this writing, Crunchyroll previously announced plans to release the film worldwide in fall 2022. With the success of One Piece Movie: Red in the internal market, fans and critics alike are thrilled to see the international box office numbers, providing yet another measure of the show’s international popularity.

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