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Racism, the curse of modern football!

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Put words over evil words. A useful one. At a time when we are experiencing the resurgence of racist ideology and its power to propagate, football is also clothed in this grim regularity. The cries of the rebels were now added to the swelling song. Emotions are penned for no reason. Noise invites horror. A marriage is as heartbreaking as it is worrisome where the separation gradually takes precedence over the union. From monkey chants to banana-throwing insults to players of color and mixed controversies between players, coaches and supporters, the theater of the goal ball – a symbol of this systemic crime – thus often appears to violate its representation. A concern for some, an intolerable flux for others, racism continues to grow. Great dissatisfaction of the defenders of humanity.

Racism plagued football world!

“Now is the time for all athletes to start connecting with each other so that this disease can be managed properly. Once we come together, we can really make a difference.”Memphis Depay, launched as determined to change mindsets. “2023 and still the same problem but we won’t let you do that. Everyone is against apartheid. We are in 2023. After a while, it is no longer enough to condemn. We have to work.”, confident, on his part, Kylian Mbappé. However, if many footballers today come out of silence and condemn repeated acts of racism, these are increasing all over the world. In addition to the case of Galtiera, who decided to file charges against Julien Fournier, Daniel Riolo and Romain Molina for defamation, Vinicius Junior, Romelu Lukaku, Deyot Upamecano, Jeremy Ibobis or even Sadio Mane have recently suffered the wrath of this terrible cancer.

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A blow that crosses borders, racism strikes, weekend by weekend, all the lawns around the world. In La Liga, Vinicius Jr. lives a veritable nightmare, with his statue, like this doll, found hanging from a bridge before the derby against Atlético de Madrid. Regularly targeted because of the color of his skin, Real Madrid’s Brazilian striker, who wished him dead and was subjected to insults, then rekindled a long-standing problem. If the two Williams brothers, players for Athletic Bilbao, were the victims of notable racist insults in recent seasons, this gaping wound has bled Spanish football for decades. “I received insults such as ‘go get bananas’, ‘you came secretly in a boat’, ‘black bastard, go pick cotton’ or simulating monkey cries. These are very difficult but normal things that you had to live with.admits Alberto Edjogo-Oono, a former Spanish professional player of the 2000s.

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A systemic injury!

The rest of the world is an equally dismal panorama. After Bayern Munich’s big defeat against Manchester City (0-3) in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Bayern’s defender Deyot Upmekano from Guinea-Bissau was also the victim of a wave of hate, depicted by social networks. Numerous racist comments. And what about San Jose Earthquakes striker Jeremy Ibobis in MLS. Victim of racist comments, the American international (1 election) finally saw his death sentence. New York Red Bulls’ Belgian striker Dante Vanjir admitted the truth, arriving this winter from Union Saint-Giloise. “I made a mistake, I will follow all the steps that will allow me to grow”He said, besides being suspended for six matches, one person has been fined. Compulsory to follow or participate in training and education sessions “Restorative Exercise Program”The Red Devils (1 cap) nevertheless benefited from massive support in the country…

“I don’t know what happened, but in the Union we know that Dante is a good boy, kind and well-behaved”, assured, for example, the Maltese Teddy Teuma, captain of the USG. An eternal break is also present in Germany… Temporarily suspended by Bayern Munich management for hitting Leroy Sane after a foul against the Sky Blues, Sadio Mane – who will also have to pay a fine – will be the victim of racist comments. This Thursday, the Senegalese press and in particular Taggat Media revealed that the German international said: “Scheisse Schwarzer (Black Shit, Editor’s Note)” to his teammate. An insult then angered the Tricolor Lions star, before watching the former FC Schalke 04 player apologise, aware of the importance of his words. A true terror of modern football, racism invites itself, moreover, even in tifosis… Victim of racism during the match (1-1) against Juventus in the Italian Cup, April 4, Romelu Lukaku (once again) ) monkey screams and insults are noticed.

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Inappropriate response, criticize the institution!

Frustrated and hurt by such comments, the Inter striker eventually chose to celebrate his goal against the Turin supporters’ stands, finger to his mouth… before being sent off for a second yellow card and suspended for the semi-final. response. A decision considered scandalous by many actors condemning the lack of sanctions taken against the real aggressors. “It’s everywhere, always was and always will be. Before, it was isolated. Now it’s all over the stadium, you can see it. I go back to common sense. There, it can’t be common sense when you see the guy (Lukaku, editor’s note) and he just tells the public to shut up. He takes a yellow card, really? Because of that? If you have a little empathy, why doesn’t common sense come into play? If you don’t know the meaning of empathy, know what it means. Look it up in a dictionary. I’d do worse if I was targeted on the pitch. Again, I’m appealing to common sense. The Italian federation maintains yellow cards and we’re talking common sense? Seriously? But it happens everywhere and every time, it’s the reaction that’s the penalty. A portion of the stand is allowed though this time.Thierry Henry in particular is cursed.

“I’m tired of ‘No to Racism’ badges on shirts. Can we focus on other areas and see what we can do better about it?” The former Barca striker also criticized, tired of the cowardly measures taken by UEFA. An outrage is also palpable at the associative level. “SOS Racism et Sportité-France testifies their full solidarity to Romelu Lukaku and welcomes the many condemnatory responses, including Kylian Mbappe’s, ending with “All Against Racism”. Indeed, it is time to voice the general movement against the growing impunity for expressions of racism and hatred. Once again, The two associations condemn the Italian sports authorities for a lack of policy and strong action in the face of a problem that is nevertheless recurring. They therefore now call on international organizations to take forceful action so that Italian organizations finally take this situation seriously and against expressions of racism, anti-Semitism and hatred. works, which have become common in its stadiums..

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Possible solutions to combat effectively?

And in the midst of this recession, France is also experiencing its share of disasters. If acts of racism are (too) regularly present in our national championship positions, this is another level of French football that is being targeted today. Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Gaultier has found himself accused of stigmatizing the number of blacks and Muslims on his team while coaching OGC Nice. If the Capital Club and the Rouge et Bleu technician – who decided to file defamation charges against Julien Fournier, Daniel Riolo and Romain Molina – officially deny these accusations, this new episode rejects a little more humanitarian. and the universal values ​​that football demands. This raises the question of possible and effective measures…

In this context, a recent report proposed by UNESCO on the fight against racism and discrimination favors pedagogy. And for good reason, young, conscious players will be the most sensitive audience in tomorrow’s stadium. There are also opportunities for organizations based on knowledge and knowledge sharing to scratch the impact of collective sanctions considered unethical, controversial and often counterproductive. Therefore, the report defends the idea of ​​introducing personal sanctions in a systematic way before taking over professional clubs, the locomotives of football and the theater of the most tragic events. In this report, UNESCO recommended the development of a quality label “Citizens Club”, are awarded following an independent audit process and are periodically renewed. Proposals in line with sustainable development issues where the ethical dimension is as important as the environmental and social aspect. Evil strikes. The words go. action sign.

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