Pennsylvania Department of Health advises calm and caution regarding monkeypox

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) is advising residents to be cautious, but calm, regarding the recent outbreak of monkeypox.

On Thursday, US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra declared monkeypox a national public health emergency.

“We are ready to take our response to the next level to fight this virus. We urge all Americans to take monkeypox seriously,” he said.

The statement comes as the United States currently has the most active cases of monkeypox in the world, with 7,102 as of August 4, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

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The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern on July 23.

Mark O’Neill, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, said the department has identified 211 cases in Pennsylvania, including 40 in the southwestern region of the state.

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