One Piece’s Final Island Adventure Is On The Moon

One Piece’s Moon has been referenced several times throughout the series as a possible destination and possibly the Laugh Tale Island is hidden.

With decades of history behind it, A play contains one of the largest worlds in all of shonen manga. Despite their many imaginative and visionary island adventures, the Straw Hats have yet to embark on an adventure that has been talked about for over 500 chapters: a journey to the Moon.

One Piece The world is known to have multiple moons, a phenomenon which partly explains the ridiculous nature of the constantly fluctuating sea due to the influence of so many celestial bodies. There is, however, one moon in particular that is of some interest to the Straw Hats. Beginning on the cover of One Piece Chapter 428, titled “Let’s Go Back,” the series’ ninth cover story begins, featuring Enel’s journey to a moon and his startling discoveries. While on the Moon, Enel discovers that there are entire civilizations there, made up of violent space pirates and loyal automaton soldiers. This Ener cover story unearths some fascinating insights into the A play world and almost guarantees that Luffy and his crew will eventually make it to space.


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Perhaps the most prominent theory as to why the Straw Hats will end up on the Moon relates to the location of Raftel or Laugh Tale, one of the last Grand Line islands. There are already plenty of parallels between the journey to Skypeia and the one that will eventually be made to Laugh Tale. Bellamy, a once-prominent rookie pirate, also compared the City of Gold and One Piece, citing them as nothing more than fables that fools chase after. Of course, the City of Gold was eventually found in the sky and the titular One Piece has yet to be found, but it’s all but been confirmed to exist on Laugh Tale. On top of that, the Moon was again recently referenced in the identity of King, Kaido’s subordinate. King is a Lunarian, an ancient and nearly extinct race that Queen says has the ability to survive in any environment. This is almost surely a reference to the idea that the Lunarians may have once been space peoples, similar to the Shandians, Skypieans, and Birkans, who eventually made their way to the One Piece world.


It’s no secret that series writer Eichiro Oda has constantly strived to create the most fantastical settings possible for each Straw Hats adventure. The crew went to the bottom of the sea at Fishman Island and into the upper atmosphere at Skypeia. With incredibly imaginative settings like Whole Cake Island or Water 7, there’s no way Oda doesn’t have something amazing in store for the Straw Hats’ latest adventure to find the One Piece. Although it may seem odd that a pirate story would ever include a trip to the Moon, Oda rarely ignores a setting that has been mentioned or alluded to throughout the story and the Moon has been repeatedly shown to this stage. A trip to the Moon would be a fitting adventure for the Straw Hats on their final quest to find the One Piece, and it may be where Laugh Tale has been all these years without considering any pirates since Gol D. Roger. found the mysterious island, even by mistake.

It seems like One Piece visionary world gets bigger and bigger with each arc. How carefully the Moon received in One Piece past, it only makes sense that this legendary adventure manga takes our favorite pirate crew to the final frontier.

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