One Piece’s 10 Most Heroic Pirates, Ranked

The A play the universe has a nebulous definition of what a hacker is supposed to be. While there are a large number of seafaring barbarians who plunder innocent villages, there are also many heroic individuals who just want to live as freely as possible.

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Ironically, many of these noble souls would not identify as heroes as it denigrates their profession. Nonetheless, their actions have made them examples that not everyone who opposes the World Government is a bad person. In many cases, marines even acknowledged their nobility and asked for their help against common adversaries.

ten Buggy has already stumbled upon the hero role

Buggy would probably consider himself a great scourge of the high seas. Having nearly killed Luffy, terrorized Orange Town, and become a mercenary broker, such a claim isn’t entirely unfounded.

However, Buggy also helped free Impel Down, saved Luffy from Akainu, and had a heroic stand against the World Government as a Sea Lord. Given his many accolades, Buggy falls somewhere between the anti-heroes and well-timed comic relief.

9 Chiffon convinced Bege to help the Straw Hats

Chiffon was Big Mom’s daughter and Bege’s wife. Throughout the Whole Cake Island arc, she pleaded for the Firetank Pirates to help the Straw Hats based on a debt she owed them for saving her sister.

This helped quell Big Mom’s hunger pangs that would otherwise have destroyed the Thousand Sunny and everyone on board. Chiffon’s frequent acts of conscience help balance her husband’s playfulness and nuance his crew. Without his help, it’s unlikely the Straw Hats would have escaped the island unscathed.

8 Bartholomeo was Luffy’s biggest fan

Bartholomeo’s Devil Fruit allowed him to create impermeable barriers. A longtime fan of the Straw Hat Pirates, he immediately enlisted his crew to their aid immediately after Luffy arrived in Dressrosa. Although Bartholomeo can be rude and guttural, he is extremely well-meaning.

The man was a driving force behind the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, a coalition of pirates indebted to Luffy for his role in freeing them. Bartholomeo’s Devil Fruit also helped Robin assist Kyros against Diamante, who would have killed Rebecca if not for her contribution to the fight.

seven The depths of Shanks’ help have yet to be fully understood

Shanks is a character shrouded in mystery. Debuting to give Luffy the iconic Straw Hat, he took off with a band of memorable thieves to maintain his legacy as the Emperor of the Sea.

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Perhaps Shanks’ greatest accomplishment is keeping the Marineford War from spiraling out of control. His presence deterred the Marines from pressing an attack and allowed Whitebeard’s remaining forces to recover their dead. However, since Shanks is able to gain an audience with the Gorosei, it’s unclear if he’s hiding a dark secret.

6 Rayleigh helped train Luffy and stop Kizaru

Despite his age, Rayleigh’s greatest accomplishments came in the last years of his life. Along with stopping Kizaru from crushing the Straw Hats, he also agreed to mentor Luffy and groomed him for the New World.

Additionally, Rayleigh is one of the remaining members of Roger’s original crew. His presence is a reminder of a great legacy that Luffy has yet to fully match. Either way, Rayleigh’s ideas of weaponry and conqueror’s haki were both essential to the young man’s development.

5 Oden helped Roger find the One Piece

A titan among men, Oden’s insatiable thirst for adventure has earned him a place on Whitebeard’s crew. It wasn’t long before he met and helped Roger find the One Piece, which would set the whole pirate world on fire.

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Oden also has many successes in his personal life. Along with training the nine samurai, he raised a family that secured Wano’s future. He was even willing to sacrifice his reputation and his life for the sake of his people, no matter how much they laughed at him.

4 Trafalgar Law fought emperors and warlords

Having been rescued by Corazon, Trafalgar Law learned early on the values ​​of selflessness. He aided Luffy against Doflamingo in Dressrosa and remained a strong ally during the Wano conflict. Either way, Law’s contributions helped make the Onigashima Raid possible, especially given the unique nature of his Devil Fruit.

Law himself is extremely heroic. He was willing to allow his own capture in exchange for the release of his subordinates in a confrontation with Basil Hawkins. This illustrates that, like Luffy, he sacrifices himself for the sake of his crew.

3 Whitebeard protected the innocent for decades

Committed to the concept of “family”, Whitebeard welcomed the desperate and downcast to become his sons and daughters. An extremely powerful pirate, his influence quickly spread across the sea, with many desperate territories depending on him for their defense.

Unwilling to let a single one of his sons die, Whitebeard launched a massive campaign against Marineford that shook the world to its foundations. Although dying, he assured audiences around the world that the One Piece was real. He reignited the firestorm Roger started and reduced the impact of the Marines’ victory.

2 Roger launched a new era of pirates

Roger was a mythical figure and the first official Pirate King. He remains best known for his death, stating that whoever found his treasure could keep it. It began a new era of adventure and danger that revitalized a stagnant world.

Although known as a pirate, Roger was also a hero. He and Garp defeated Xebec, a brutal villain who had once captained Kaido and Big Mom. Without his intervention, the sea could have been very different.

1 Luffy rescued people from East Blue in Wano

Although he refused the title of “hero”, Luffy certainly behaves like one. He was responsible for saving the people of East Blue in Wano, gaining a growing number of admirers with each victory. Luffy’s influence has grown so great that several kingdoms are indebted to him.

Drum, Alabasta, Fish-Man Island, and Dressrosa all quietly supported him in the Reverie. When it comes time to fight the battle against the World Government, Luffy’s personal and international resources will be a huge credit in making the final fight a thrilling success.

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