One Piece’s 10 Coolest East Blue Islands, Ranked

Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have traveled far and wide, visiting countless islands and locations in their bid to claim One Piece. While the New World and Grand Line have featured some of the most wonderful islands, many fans forget to consider the sea where Luffy and many of his companions got their start: the East Blue.

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The East Blue does not serve as a home port for many One Piece strongest characters, but a disappointing number of the series’ most powerful pirates have begun their journeys in the region. As such, there are many islands in the ocean with rich backgrounds and intriguing compositions.

ten Syrup Village was home to two diametrically opposed characters

Compared to other places along the Grand Line, Syrup Village is a quaint, unassuming town far removed from the world’s greatest conflicts. However, unbeknownst to many, it is home to the family of Shanks’ red-haired officer, Yasopp, and one of East Blue’s most dangerous criminals, Kuro.

Captain Kuro and his Black Cat Pirates ultimately attempt to overthrow Syrup Village and take the property of its citizens, only to be thwarted by the collective efforts of the Straw Hat Pirates. While there isn’t much else that makes Syrup Village unique, its sinister underpinnings and vital story about Usopp and his father make it one of the most memorable East Blue stops.

9 Goat Island Connected Three Unlikely Individuals

Goat Island played a pivotal role in the lives of three greats A play characters: Luffy, Koby and Alvida. This location originally only appeared in the manga; after leaving the Luffy Episode A television special, it has also been incorporated into the anime canon.

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Koby and Alvida have made Goat Island their home for several years and without Luffy’s intervention, they could potentially still be there. Regardless of its relatively arid landscape, this island served as the original meeting place for a future Yonko, Yonko officer, and sea captain.

Buggy the Clown could very well be the most colorful pirate on the entire Grand Line, so it’s only fitting that where he’s introduced – Orange Town – provides a worthy backdrop for his massive personality. Although not very descriptive, Orange Town, located on the Organ Islands, features a sprawling colonial-style cityscape that makes a perfect battleground for his first encounter against Luffy.

Red-haired Shanks’ self-proclaimed nemesis relies on his signature cannonballs, called Buggy Balls, to handle most enemies. The widespread layout of Orange Town is the perfect place to showcase their destructive abilities.

seven Shimotsuki Village’s Backstory Convened With Wano’s Two Decades Later

Eichiro Oda has spent the past four years exploring the lands of Wano, but long before he began writing about the samurai-themed island, a different location introduced a distinctly Japanese influence to the series: the village of Shimotsuki. Although Roronoa Zoa’s exact birthplace remains unknown, at least part of her childhood was spent in this feudal, Japanese-inspired place.

The calm appearance of Shimotsuki Village belies its rich history – the village’s namesake, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, forged two of the 21 high-quality swords, before leaving his home country of Wano. After illegally leaving the island 55 years before the events of the story, Kozaburo moved to this village, giving it one of the best founding stories in all of East Blue.

6 The Conomi Islands served as the setting for Nami’s backstory

A play fans are probably familiar with the Conomi Islands; they serve as the setting for the iconic Arlong Park arc, which revolves around Nami’s attempts to free her village from tyrannical fish-men. Only three locations on the islands, Arlong Park, Gosa Village, and Cocoyasi Village, have been shown over the course of the series, but each serves as the backdrop for many of the arc’s most memorable moments.

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Arlong’s upheaval of Gosa, Nami’s flashbacks to Cocoyasi Village, and Luffy’s destruction of Arlong’s park are all iconic. A play moments. These moments are made possible by the perfectly designed location in which they occur: the Conomi Islands.

5 The island of rare animals is a memorable fairy tale

Perhaps more than any other island in the East Blue, the Island of Rare Animals and the story of its inhabitants is like that of a children’s fairy tale – and that’s not a criticism. The mismatched animals, the man’s gadget stuck in a box, and the heartbreaking empty treasure chests found in his jungle look more like a heartwarming parable than a shonen anime setting, and for that exact reason, he stands stands out from its peers.

Gaimon and Sarfunkel, the human residents of the island, are respectively stuck in a treasure chest and a wooden barrel, and share the area with a large population of hybrid animals including pig-lions, rabbit-snakes, and dragons. other strange combinations. The Straw Hats’ visit to Rare Animal Island may be short, but it’s a memorable excursion that provides fun characterization at the East Blue.

4 The unique design of Shells Town stands out in the Eastern Blue

The negative impact of the Marines on the A play The universe is made painfully obvious, thanks in large part to the series’ early visits to places like Yotsuba Island’s Shells Town. Large powerhouse-like sea towers decorate the landscape of the island, each capable of firing heavy cannons at oncoming pirate ships.

Shells Town’s defenses seem to hint that the area is (or at least was) frequently targeted by pirates. However, as evidenced by Luffy and Zoro, the individuals who really plague the island are its cowardly Marines and its evil commander: Axe-Hand Morgan. This island, with its eye-catching architecture, offers some of the One Piece most direct commentary on the state of the Marines and World Government.

3 Loguetown marks the dawn of the Golden Age of Pirates

Loguetown, which includes the vast majority of Polestar Island, was the Straw Hats’ last stop before entering the Grand Line. As one would expect from such a historic location, it spawned a series of meaningful encounters that still loom over the current events of the series.

Despite Luffy’s escapades on Polestar Island, which included clashes with Marine Captain Smoker, Buggy, and Monkey D. Dragon, he is best known for his relevance to the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Roger was born and executed on the island, and thanks to his last words, this city and this island have been immortalized as the birthplace of the Golden Age of Pirates.

2 Mirror Ball Island festivities are unlike anything else

One Piece the coolest islands usually fall into one of two categories: seriously drawn, lore-rich storytelling environments or wacky, over-the-top novelties. The Mirror Ball Island slots as an example of the latter, providing the backdrop for both the goofy featurette, Jango Dance Carnivaland the slightly different cover story, Jango’s Dance Heaven.

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Despite the slight differences between the two tales, they both center on Django, the Black Cat Pirates’ incredibly weird hypnotist, as he navigates East Blue’s hottest spot: Mirror Ball Island. Between the gorgeous town design, the dance sequences featuring the crowd-filled Straw Hat Pirate/Marine/Django crowd, and the overall cheerful tone of Mirror Ball Island, this is easily one of the best islands Oda has ever had. never created.

1 Dawn Island is home to some of the strongest people in the world

When it comes to the East Blue Islands, arguably none has a richer history than Dawn Island. Monkey D. Garp, Dragon, and Luffy have all called the island home at one point or another, while characters such as Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, and the Red-Haired Pirates have also spent a lot of time on the island.

Thanks to Oda’s mastery of environmental storytelling, Dawn Island’s main political force, the kingdom of Goa – which needlessly destroyed Sabo’s house to impress the world government – and its geography serve as a microcosm for the effect of breakdown of the oppressive political system. This, together with the variety of places that adorn its landscape, places it among the One Piece more nuanced environments.

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