One Piece turns 25 as the latest saga of the best-selling manga begins

One Piece celebrates its 25th anniversary. The best-selling manga series of all time also enters its final saga.

First published in 1997, weekly issues of One Piece have sold over 490 million copies worldwide, earning author Eiichiro Oda a Guinness World Record.

It is one of the oldest mangaand is by far the best-selling of them all. A play was created by Eiichiro Oda and follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy with his pirate crew in search of “One Piece” treasure in order to become the Pirate King.

International popularity

The popularity of the series is considered a big part of the global popularity of manga today.

Along with the manga, there has also been an incredibly popular anime series following the characters’ journey. An upcoming live-action Netflix series is expected to further boost the show’s popularity.

“One Piece is an important piece of literature because it has inspired many mangakas [manga artists] who have created great stories to get drawn,” says British fan Paul Davies.

“Continually pushing the boundaries of anime and also manga, I believe that without One Piece, anime and manga wouldn’t be as prolific as they are today,” he added.

Paul also pointed out the value it brought to him by further motivating him to read. “I never read any books before I started reading One Piece,” he says. “But because I watched the anime, I thought it was cool.”

“I sincerely believe that One Piece will become a hallmark of epic literature, in the same vein as The Odyssey or The Lord of the Rings. The depth, detail and internal consistency of the universe Oda created are disconcerting, as they effortlessly blend cartoonish absurdism with tragedy, pathos and social commentary,” says Dutch-Irish fan Roeland Doherty.

“It’s a story that can only work for many, many years, because it was designed as an epic from the start,” he added. “Oda’s passion and dedication to this world, these characters are apparent in every panel, but he never takes himself or his creation too seriously.”

“It’s a story I enjoyed as a child, and the brilliance of which has slowly dawned on me. Its humor, action and poignant depth are unparalleled, but it’s the universe’s incredibly rich which is its defining characteristic,” Roeland says.

“What makes this manga so special is above all the script,” says Ryuji Kochi, Europe, Middle East and Africa president of Toei Animation, the Japanese company that has been producing the anime series since 1999.

The series covers a wide range of themes, from over-industrialization, racism, slavery and geopolitical issues, while traversing geographical and historical contexts, from ancient Egypt to medieval Japan.

The last saga

To celebrate the manga’s 25th anniversary, One Piece has announced “One Piece Day”, a global streaming event on July 22-23.

The festival is expected to bring news of the upcoming finale saga of the long-running manga.

Oda has already told fans that there will be a month-long break in publishing the series as he prepares details for the final adventure.

With this hiatus almost over, fans are excited to start reading the conclusion to Luffy’s 25-year-long story when Chapter 1054 is released.

“I’m going to start introducing all the secrets of this world that I’ve been keeping hidden,” Oda said. It’s gonna be fun. Please buckle up.

“It’s hard to believe that One Piece has been around for 25 years, but… at the same time easy,” said Canadian fan Taylor Blades.

“Oda-san has created an incredible world that you always want to return to – time and time again. Mugiwara Pirates will always live rent-free in my mind, alongside all the other characters we’ve met along the way . . To say I’m excited for the final episode of this epic tale would be an understatement.”

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