One Piece: Sabo’s Strongest Attacks

For a long time, A play fans thought Sabo was dead, but he managed to surprise everyone when he made an appearance during the Dressrosa arc. Sabo was taken in by Monkey D. Dragon, who conscripted him into the Revolutionary Army. It didn’t take long for Sabo to rise through the ranks and cement his position as one of the strongest fighters in the Revolutionary Army. Currently, Sabo is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

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In the Dressrosa arc, fans saw Sabo compete for the Mera Mera no Mi, which once belonged to Ace. Unsurprisingly, Sabo won the tournament and ate the Devil Fruit, which made him even stronger. With his new power, Sabo became very popular and he was given the title “Flame Emperor”. His attacks are easily able to take down some of the strongest characters in A play.


seven Mera Mera no Mi

The Mera Mera no Mi is a logia-type Devil Fruit, making it a prized possession. The Devil Fruit grants its user the ability to create and manipulate fire. As it gives the user control over one of the elements, the Mera Mera no Mi is very powerful. Ace showed how the Devil Fruit could potentially cause a lot of damage.

When Sabo ate the Devil Fruit, he was able to take his attacks to the next level. He couldn’t overpower the Devil Fruit right away, and he admitted to the lack of control while fighting Fujitora. However, it is evident that over time, Sabo gained better control of it.

6 Trek

Hiken or Fire Fist is one of the most famous attacks in the series. This attack was made famous by Portgas D. Ace, who used it many times, and due to its use he was known as “Fire Fist Ace”. The attack is fairly simple to perform and requires Sabo to clench his fist and use Devil Fruit power to boost his power.

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The attack is very powerful and Sabo used it during Dressrosa’s arc against Burgess. The attack was powerful enough to destroy the entire floor of the Corrida Coliseum and sent Burgess flying.

5 Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryuo

Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryou is also known as Burning Dragon Claw Fist: Fire Flame Dragon King. The attack is a combination of Sabo’s Ryusoken power and Mera Mera no Mi power. To perform this attack, Sabo adjusts his fingers on his hand to form “talons”, then he coats them with Armament Haki.

Once his hand is covered, Sabo uses the Mera Mera no Mi to ignite it, after which he blasts his target with the power of the attack. Sabo used this attack against Jesus Burgess, who is one of Blackbeard’s best fighters. This attack was a perfect example of Sabo’s strength and superiority over a Yonko’s right arm.

4 Ryusoken

Ryusoken or Dragon Claw Fist is a unique fighting style that was developed by Sabo. In this style, Sabo positions his fingers so that they look like claws. He then uses these “claws” to attack his opponents and crush them. If he needs more power, Sabo uses both fists instead of his fingers.

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To enhance Ryusoken’s power, Sabo uses Armament Haki. Adding Haki makes the attacks more powerful and they are strong enough to destroy the environment. Sabo succeeded in destroying the steel helmet of Bastille, a naval vice admiral.

3 Ryu no Kagizume

This attack is based on Sabo’s exceptional use of Haki and his mastery of Ryusoken. In this attack, Sabo does a three-fingered claw, then he attacks his opponent with it. Adding Haki to this otherwise ordinary physical attack makes for a devastating move. Sabo used this attack to negate Burgess’ elbow strike, and the power behind Sabo’s attack destroyed Commander Yonko’s armor, which was coated in Armament Haki.

2 Ryu no Ibuki

Ryu no Ibuki is a Ryusoken technique where Sabo uses his clenched fist to destroy his surroundings. Sabo coats his fists in Armament Haki and then he hits the ground, causing massive damage. This power of this attack works on the concept of every object and person having a core. So with a well-placed attack, Sabo can completely change the tide of a battle. This attack will likely have several variations, and as the series progresses, Sabo will have the opportunity to show them off.

1 Non-Canon and video games

Since Sabo had limited screen time, he only used a handful of his attacks. In One Piece: StampedeSabo used Hiken to create a huge wall of fire above the sea, which allowed the pirates to flee from the Marines.

Sabo has two special attacks in One Piece: Burning Blood. One of them is the strongest version of Ryu no Ibuki, which deals a lot of damage to the opponent. The other attack isn’t as strong, and to use it, Sabo attacks the opponent with his palms, which have been smeared with Haki.

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