One Piece Confirms Oden’s True Strength Was Never His Sword

Known for his otherworldly fighting skills, One Piece confirms that Kozuki Oden’s most important “power” was another unique ability.

Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece: Tale of the Laughter Road!

In a A play world full of overpowered characters, Kozuki Oden stands out not only as one of the greatest warriors of the Four Seas, but also as one whose greatness is not based on eating a devil fruit. However, despite his success on the battlefield, his most important ability had nothing to do with his martial prowess.

Born to Lord Kozuki Sukiyaki, the leader of the Land of Wa, Oden’s life was set. All he had to do was learn the family “business” and stay out of trouble, and in due time he would replace his father at the helm. However, Oden had other plans. Early on, he showed a deep disinterest in following the family tradition. Instead, he favored partying, fighting, and chasing women, three skills in which he showed considerable expertise. Naturally, this led to him getting in trouble with the law and being exiled by his father to Kuri, the wild and lawless outer region of Wano. It was in Kuri that Oden began to mature and decided he wanted to do something with his life. His first step towards reform began with putting Kuri in order. While this put him back in his father’s good graces, it didn’t establish his desire to be a leader.


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Rather, it generated a desire to leave Wano and see the world, which he did when he joined Whitebeard’s pirate crew a few years later. As a crew member, Oden developed his already incredible combat skills. Indeed, aside from Luffy, Oden was the only person known to have injured Kaido in his prime. As a result, it would be reasonable for fans to believe that when Gol D. Roger asked Whitebeard to “loan” Oden’s services to him for a year, it was because he wanted to use his fighting skills. Indeed, having Oden help on a trip was almost like having Whitebeard himself for the ride. However, the reality was that Roger didn’t need Oden’s fighting skills. Indeed, in addition to its own abilities, the crew that Roger commanded could stand up to the best of them. As specified in Laughing Road Talewhat really made Oden so vital was his skills as a translator.

One Piece Oden

The reason Roger begged Whitebear to free Oden was perhaps the only aspect of his family duty in Wano that he was willing to learn, namely the Kozuki clan’s ability to read and write the secret language inscribed on the mysterious Poneglyphs. The Kozuki clan was responsible for inscribing the stones hundreds of years ago. As a result, the ability to understand the language was passed on to each successive generation. At this point, Roger knew he needed someone who could read stones and was excited to meet Oden via his clash with Whitebeard. Roger knew that Oden was the key to being able to continue the journey to Laugh Tale.

Naturally, Roger also used Kozuki Oden, and he eventually became one of the crew’s toughest fighters and most trusted warriors. Nevertheless, his first and main advantage for Roger was his ability to translate the poneglyphs, without which Roger would never have had the chance to obtain the A play.

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