One Piece 1054 Review: Sabo’s Fate Revealed

A play finally made a comeback today as the manga’s 1054th chapter was finally released in this week’s issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. After a month-long hiatus, Eiichiro Oda has finally dropped what could be described as one of the most anticipated chapters in years. Although the wait for the chapter was quite long, the events that crossed it were definitely worth the wait.

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Not only did fans get to see a glimpse of Wano Country, but also events around the world. Some of the major reveals regarding the Reverie have finally come to light, which means information about Sabo, Cobra, and Vivi has been made public. If that wasn’t enough, One Piece 1054 also included red-haired Shanks, who is one of the most beloved characters in the entire series. With Chapter 1054, titled “Flame Emperor”, A play is definitely back.


Admiral Green Bull engages in combat

As expected, One Piece 1054 gave fans a glimpse of Admiral Green Bull’s abilities. While most expected the Admiral to be a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit user, his power turned out to be Logia-type Forest Fruit. With his powers, he engaged the Red Scabbards in battle and revealed a little more about his rather twisted personality. Green Bull’s Justice was revealed to be in line with the Celestial Dragons themselves, which is surprising to say the least.

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Additionally, his Devil Fruit is said to be one of the strongest in the series as it gives them absolute control over forests and vegetation. Despite this, Yamato was able to stop him quite easily, thanks to his Haki powers. With Green Bull kept at bay, the party in Wano Country continues and will likely be for the next few chapters. Unfortunately, fans haven’t heard anything about Pluto, which was teased in Chapter 1053. That said, it’s almost a given that he’ll be brought up in future chapters.

Flame Emperor Sabo

Sabo’s fate is one of One Piece’s most intriguing mysteries since the events of the Reverie. In Chapter 956, a battle between the Revolutionary Army commanders, led by Sabo, and Admiral Green Bull and Fujitora was teased. In this chapter, it was finally revealed that the Revolutionary Army was victorious and managed to save Bartholomew Kuma from his hold on the Celestial Dragons.

In doing so, Sabo’s fame skyrocketed, and moreover, his connection to the death of the former king of Alabasta, Cobra, made him a hero to the public. At the same time, it was revealed that Vivi had mysteriously disappeared from the Reverie, and it’s entirely possible she’s under the protection of the Revolutionary Army members themselves. Things get quite turbulent, with the Revolutionary Army finally declaring war on the World Government. Although the current status remains unknown, at the very least they appear to be unscathed.

Shanks moves for One Piece

Shanks’ inclusion in the chapter was quite surprising. Fans weren’t expecting him to appear this early in the story, but his ship, the Red Force, was revealed to be just outside of Wano Country. His crew seem to have recognized Luffy as a Grand Pirate and are keen to finally meet him. Still, Shanks doesn’t seem to care. His target, instead, is Bartolomeo, who burned his flag in one of his territories and raised Luffy’s Jolly Roger there. What’s surprising is that Shanks finally enters the One Piece War. For a very long time, he had stayed away from the affairs of the current era. Now that Luffy has reached Yonko’s position, Shanks finally gets serious and decided to take action against him.

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The home stretch in one piece

With One Piece 1054, the home stretch of history has officially begun. A new era has been shaken up in the New World with the current Yonko leading the era. As Oda mentioned earlier, now is the time to go for the One Piece, which means that all the mysteries of the world will finally unfold in this section of the story. Plus, Luffy and his many allies will be involved in all of this action as things slowly build towards the series’ final war. As seen towards the end of the chapter, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki will do his best to combat the growing influx of pirates into the New World. However, as fans already know, Luffy will eventually triumph. One Piece’s return was just as good as fans expected, if not better. The next chapters will certainly continue in the same direction and will provide some of the greatest information dumps of recent years.

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