One Piece: 10 saddest and most heartbreaking deaths

The highly anticipated release of Netflix’s live-action reimagining of A playslated for release in 2023, delights many fans in the anime world, as it will deliver a fresh and modern take on one of the most popular anime of all time.

As A play is one of the longest running anime series, the show has seen many characters come and go throughout the show’s 23+ years. This has led to many emotional deaths that are sure to elicit great emotions from the audience.

Gol D. Roger

Image of the execution of Gol D Roger

In A play, Gol D. Roger is the legendary pirate who became the first Pirate King after conquering the Great Bloodline. His famous last words just before his execution sparked the whole show up to this point. But what made this death that much more poignant was his seemingly cheerful and carefree attitude during his execution.


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Seeing such a legendary character in anime performed like this was not only interesting for fans, but also stirred up several emotions, as he is able to accept death with joy in a way that seems almost impossible. Although it may initially seem like a fall from grace, Gol D Roger’s death reminds us to cherish life for what it is.


Picture of Pedro in One Piece

As one of the top fan-favorite characters of A playPedro stood out from the other characters not only because of his jaguar-like features, but also because of his unbounded loyalty and over-the-top violent nature.

His death in the Cake Island arc combined these two attributes as a character with such a violent nature ends up being the one who made the sacrifice so his comrades could escape. This death tugs at the heartstrings, as Pedro walks out with a monologue about loyalty and the importance of the Straw Hat’s mission.


Image of Oden before death in One Piece

The ongoing Wano arc is shaping up to be one of the best (and longest) arcs of them all A play, and Oden’s story contributes a lot to this, as the samurai form a rebellion to overthrow the ruthless pirate Kaido, who has the highest bounty in the series. This rebellion would unfortunately fail, resulting in Oden and his fellow rebels being sentenced to execution by boiling oil.

What makes this more than the typical anime death is that while in a pot of boiling oil, Oden held a wooden plank over his head for the other rebels to sit on. above. Now known as “The Legendary Hour”, Oden single-handedly saved his crew despite being boiled alive.

Zephyr (W)

Image of Z in One Piece

In the One Piece Movie: Zfans are introduced to the extraordinarily powerful Vice Admiral Z, and although he and Luffy trade blows several times throughout the film, his best moments come to an end when he decides to fend off the Marines led by Kizaru in order to that Luffy and the rest of the pirates can escape.

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Aside from the emotionally resonant arc of a Marine seeing the good in a pirate he once deemed irredeemable, Z would die defending pirates and showed that beneath his muscular, macho attitude lay a tender heart, making the moment all the more touching.

Dr Hiluluk

Image of Dr. Hiluluk before his death in One Piece

When Chopper was first teased as the next member of the Straw Hat Pirates, there was a lot of fan skepticism about the character, but that was quickly eradicated as his emotional backstory came to an end. in A play with the tragic death of his father figure, Dr. Hiriluk.

Already dying, Dr. Hiriluk drinks an explosive potion as he confronts the tyrant King Wapol, but not before delivering a heartfelt speech about the meaning of life and legacy. Her death not only brought tears to Chopper’s eyes, but made fans so emotional as they witnessed Chopper go out of his way to unsuccessfully prevent Dr. Hiluluk’s death.

White beard

Image of Whitebeard's death in One Piece

In the A play world, Whitebeard is a legendary character on par with the likes of Gol. D Roger, but despite his fierce nature and reputation, Whitebeard is loved by his team and fans due to the compassion he has for others. Whitebeard met his end when he was attacked by Blackbeard and his entire team in one of the best episodes of A play.

Whitebeard’s death showed just how tough the pirate was, as he was shot countless times and died standing. But it also proved very emotional as he spent his final moments reflecting on his time and his love for his crew.


Image of Bellmere just before death

Not only was Bell-mère a great character who helped flesh out Nami, but her story was one of the most emotional moments in previous episodes of the series when she died at the hands of Arlong the Fish-Men. .

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After not offering enough tribute to pay for her and her two daughters, Bell-mère decided to sacrifice herself instead and was shot in the head. Even though Nami and Nojiko have no biological connection to Bell-mère, she still decided to die protecting them instead of disowning them.

Don Quixote Rosinante (Corazon)

Image of Corazon's death in One Piece

Corazon is one of the few A play characters who have the clumsiness and enthusiasm to match Luffy, but he also proved equally heroic when he died protecting Law and ensuring he could escape.

What adds more tension to his final moments is that he actually dies at the hands of his brother, Doflamingo, but even though his life ended tragically, Corazon left with a smile on his face, as he was able to protect Law from the evils of the Donquixote family.

go merry

Image of Going Merry Burning

During the first seasons of A play, characters and fans have become attached to the Straw Hat’s first ship, Going Merry, during their oldest and most popular adventures on the ship. However, all the adventures took their toll on the ship, and Going Merry could no longer be the ship the Straw Hats needed to navigate the Grand Line.

The Viking-style funeral for the ship made for a very emotional moment, as Luffy’s “eulogy” combined with the scene of many tearful Straw Hat Pirates, leading the audience to share the same emotions, for the first era of the show was at an end.


Image of Ace's death in One Piece

A play isn’t an anime known for killing off the main characters, but many fans of the show were absolutely shocked when Ace sacrificed himself for his brother, Luffy. Aside from the shock of this death due to Ace’s strength as a Devil Fruit user, this moment brought tears to many fans’ eyes. Luffy’s level of grief was something unheard of in the series.

Seeing a hero sacrifice himself for his comrades is always something that stirs strong emotions, but seeing such a lovable and likeable character sacrifice himself for his own brother made it one of the most emotional moments of the entire series.

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