Murray’s Stranger Things 4 Ending Finally Replaces Beloved Dead Character

Murray Bauman’s Stranger Things Season 4 ending suggests that Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov will take Alexei’s place as the Russian ally in Season 5.

WARNING! This post contains SPOILERS for stranger things season 4!

Murray’s ambiguous end in stranger things season 4 replaces his friendship with beloved season 3 character Dr. Alexei. While Murray could have been written after stranger things season 2, the show brought him back in season 3 due to his ability to be fluent in Russian. This sparked his continued grouping with Joyce and Hopper as well as adorable friendships with stranger things‘ Allied Russian characters.

One of the best dynamics of stranger things season 3 was between Murray Bauman and Dr. Alexei, with the two sharing a similar sense of humor and enjoying the ability to converse when Joyce and Hopper couldn’t understand them. However, while Murray was showing Alexei the American way of life by eating corndogs at a 4th of July carnival, the Russian scientist was killed by aspiring Terminator Grigori. Alexei’s death may be the most heartbreaking loss ever. stranger things season 3, but season 4 has now introduced its replacement.


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stranger thingsThe season 4 finale sees Murray, Joyce, Hopper, Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov, and Yuri work together to break back into the Russian prison and kill its monsters inside out. Since Murray had already lost his close Russian ally, the fact that the characters leave together suggests that Enzo will now replace Alexei as Murray’s Russian friend. stranger things season 4 leaves Murray’s ending ambiguous, with only Hopper and Joyce reuniting with the children in Hawkins. Without confirmation of what ultimately happened to Dmitri, it appears Tom Wlaschiha’s character returned to America with Murray, as staying in Russia would have meant death. After Alexei’s death, Enzo was asked to stay with Murray after stranger things‘ The Season 4 finale finally replaces that lost momentum.

Will Enzo return with Murray in Stranger Things 5?

Stranger Things season 4 Dmitri Antonov Murray

Whereas Enzo survived stranger things‘ Season 4 finale when the Duffer Brothers once planned to kill him off, all signs point to the Russian character returning in Season 5. It’s unclear exactly what Murray’s story will be. stranger things season 5, but it’s safe to assume he’ll team up with Joyce and Hopper again, which would also reasonably include Dmitri. Since Vecna’s takeover of Hawkins still presents an international conflict, Murray, Enzo and the stranger things adults will likely figure out how to keep the disasters from spreading outside of Hawkins.

If Enzo survives stranger things season 5, it is unclear if he will return to Russia or stay with Joyce, Hopper and Murray at Hawkins. Dmitri often spoke to Hopper about his son Mikhail and how he wants to fight to save the world but doesn’t want his son to believe he is a traitor to his country. Returning to Russia would mean the death of the government, but stranger things‘ Dmitry Antonov is also not inclined to completely abandon his son for America. Since Alexei was willing to stay in America after fearing the death of his compatriots, Enzo may choose to do the same and work with Murray to bring his son to the United States instead.

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