Met Office weather forecast for London: Hourly sunshine

The dry spell across the UK continues, as south Londoners are expected to face highs of 25 degrees in some areas this weekend.

Months of low rainfall, combined with record high temperatures in July, left rivers at unusually low levels, depleted reservoirs and dried out soils.

All of this has put pressure on the environment, agriculture and water supply, and is fueling the forest fires.

The Met Office has warned there is “very little significant rain” on the horizon for parched parts of England as temperatures are expected to climb into the 30s next week.

While that could mean another heatwave – when temperatures are above average for three or more days – it’s likely conditions will be well below the 40C seen in some places last month.

The situation has prompted calls for action to reduce water use to protect the environment and supply, and to restore the country’s lost wetlands ‘on a huge scale’ to face a dwindling future. drier summers and droughts.

Gardeners are encouraged to grass their green-fingered neighbors if they see them repeatedly breaking garden hose bans.

Violators face fines of up to £1,000 if brought to justice, although water companies say they prefer ‘education to enforcement’.

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It comes as the first watering bans – also known as temporary use bans (TUBs) – were introduced in parts of southern England on Friday, with further restrictions planned for the south- east of England and south west Wales later this month.

Thames Water has warned residents of London that supplies from reservoirs are running out, although a ban is not yet in place in the boroughs.

Here we have the Met Office’s hour-by-hour forecast for Saturday:

6am – Sunny 13°C

7 a.m. – Sunny 13°C

8am – Sunny 14°C

9 a.m. – Sunny 15°C

10 a.m. – Sunny 17°C

11 a.m. – Sunny 18°C

12 p.m. – Sunny 19°C

1pm – Sunny 20°C

2 p.m. – Sunny 20°C

3pm – Sunny 22C

4 p.m. – Sunny cloudy 23°C

5 p.m. – Sunny 23°C

6 p.m. – Sunny 23°C

7 p.m. – Sunny 23°C

8 p.m. – Sunny 22°C

9 p.m. – Clear night 22°C

10 p.m. – Clear night 22°C

11 p.m. – Clear night 21°C

00h00 – Clear night 19°C

Met Office hour-by-hour forecast for Sunday:

7 a.m. – Sunny 16°C

10 a.m. – Sunny 19°C

1pm – Sunny 23°C

4 p.m. – Sunny 24°C

7 p.m. – Sunny 23°C

10 p.m. – Clear night 21°C

Full forecast:


Saturday, dry and largely sunny, although a bit cool to start with. Winds will generally be light, but a sea breeze may develop near the coast in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 25°C.

Outlook Sunday to Tuesday

Remaining nice and dry, with lots of sun and light winds. Getting warmer during the day, but cooler in coastal areas.

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