Maverick’ catapults over $1 billion at the global box office – Deadline

MONDAY UPDATE: With the actual numbers now counted, Paramount/Skydance’s Top Gun: Maverick climbed to $1,007 billion worldwide until Sunday. Including $520.8M at the national level and $486.1 million of 65 international markets for the star of Tom Cruise.

The international box office weekend was higher than expected on Sunday (see below) with $45.7M; and newcomer Korea is showing endurance with $14.2 million through Monday – today’s addition to this market is not included in the offshore total above.

Commenting today, Paramount Pictures President and CEO Brian Robbins said: “It’s rare to get the particular kind of chemistry that creates a true event film, and we were absolutely blown away by the global response to Top Gun: Maverick. Thank you to the incomparable Tom Cruise, our visionary filmmakers and talented actors, and our incredible marketing and distribution teams, for delivering an absolutely flawless cinematic and theatrical experience to audiences around the world.

And, said director Joseph Kosinski, “This milestone is a testament to five years of working together with our incredible cast and crew, including the men and women of the US Navy. The enthusiasm of fans around the world has us shown that nothing replaces watching a movie to a packed house. When I was 12, I sat in awe watching Superior gun, a film that defined the theatrical experience for me. To be part of something that is shaping cinema for a new generation of fans is the greatest achievement of all. »

As we’ve continued to note, this Cruise-a-palooza is the first time this staunch champion of theatrical experience has reached such heights in his 40-year career.

Cruise himself just tweeted his appreciation:

See below for more details on the weekend.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY 8:22 AM PT: Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick surpassed the $1 billion mark worldwide, becoming the second film of the pandemic era to achieve such rarefied air – and the first time for Tom Cruise to hit the milestone in a career that spanned 40 years . It took Airmen just 31 days to hit $1 billion, with the total through Sunday estimated $1,006 billion worldwide, including national estimates $521.7M and $484.7M of the international box office.

Cruise’s Theft Ace had already run through $900 million last Monday, and just days prior, it had surpassed $800 million to become Cruise’s biggest movie ever made worldwide.

The overseas takes on this 36 Years Later sequel directed by Joseph Kosinski have been nothing short of stellar. Last weekend there was only a 21% delay, and the current framework, at $44.5M across 65 markets, is down just 26% – simply phenomenal.

TGMThe performance is a testament to the hard work Paramount’s cast and marketing teams put behind it, while Cruise himself deserves massive credit. The tireless star traveled to San Diego, Mexico City, Japan, Cannes, London and Seoul to promote the film. After his trip to Korea, he even made a pit stop at the CineEurope convention in Barcelona last Wednesday (en route from Seoul to filming the next Impossible mission), personally thanking the exhibition for its efforts.

What’s even more impressive about the movie that puts Cruise back in the cockpit where he was first catapulted to global action stardom is that he reaches those hypersonic heights without China or Russia in the mix. The mixture. And, it appeals to an “older” audience as well as younger ones who weren’t even there for the first film.

As a reminder, when it is released at the end of May, maverick lit the fires with Cruise’s biggest debut overseas and domestically; and the following weekend was not devoured by the start of Jurassic World Dominionproving that there is room in the market for more than one major tent pole – which is great news for everyone after the last two years of uncertainty.

In notable performances this weekend, Korea opened at No. 1 with sales of $12.9 million at 478 locations. In the leftovers, TGM is still ranked #1 in Japan — for the fifth weekend in a row — and down just 15% to a cumulative $51.1 million. The UK came behind Warner Bros Elvisdown 18% from last week for a year-to-date total of $78.7 million. Australia dropped 24%, landing No. 2 behind Elvis for a total of $45.5 million to date. In Francethe total to date is $38.8 million. GermanyThe total to date is $23.4 million.

TaiwanThe 5th weekend of plunged 20% to No. 1 for a local run-up of $16.3 million.
Brazil class TGM at No. 1, for $17.9 million to date.

Other markets with double-digit accumulations include Mexico ($12.8M), Saudi Arabia ($12.6M) and hong kong ($10.8 million).

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