Luffy gains Advanced Conqueror Haki, leaving fans exuberant on Twitter

It’s time for pirates and fans to set sail for new lands with the release of A play Episode 1028. Just a few hours ago, this long-awaited episode was released with some of the most anticipated moments from the Land of Wano arc. Following its release, fans on Twitter wasted no time in starting to talk about how excited they were after witnessing these scenes.

Luffy finally woke up from his long nap after seemingly awakening a hidden power taught to him by Hyogoro. Will that be enough to teach Kaido a lesson? How powerful is Luffy now? Keep reading on A play Episode 1028, its most important moments and how Twitter reacted to Luffy’s new power.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for A play Episode 1028.

Luffy activated Advanced Supreme King Haki in One Piece Episode 1028

What happened last time?

Big Mom was about to die (Image via Toei Animation)
Big Mom was about to die (Image via Toei Animation)

A play Episode 1027 started with Big Mom falling overboard when her Homies couldn’t help her. Tired of hearing them scream, Kaido attacked Zoro long enough for Prometheus to evade the swordsmen and save his creator.

Big Mom was grateful to her Homies for saving her, even though she was tired of Zeus’ uselessness in this battle. Prometheus took the opportunity to convince the Yonko woman to create a new partner for him, which Big Mom agreed to.

Back in Onigashima, Kaido was about to take down an unconscious Luffy, boasting about his victory. This forced Zoro to go all out in one attack, expecting his power to be enough to save his captain.

Zoro used his Conqueror Haki, infusing it into his swords to take down Kaido with an extremely powerful Ashura Blades Drawn. The attack was enough to wound the Emperor but lacked the force to stop him.

Tired of Zoro and Law’s interference, Kaido attacked them, thinking it best to get rid of them first. Just as Kaido was about to strike, Luffy woke up, claiming that Kaido would fall this time.

A play Episode 1028 is titled Surpass the Emperor of the Sea! Luffy strikes back with an iron fist!

The Birth of a New Homie

A play Episode 1028 begins with Luffy and Kaido standing on the roof of Onigashima, with Kaido challenging Luffy to hurt him. Nearby, Big Mom begins the process of creating a new Homie, using a piece of her soul and sending it towards a storm cloud.

A female voice begins to come out of the sky, praising the strength of the soul with which she was created. Big Mom and Prometheus are overjoyed with this new team member, with the latter overjoyed to have a new girlfriend.

Kid and Killer are petrified, unable to understand what is happening before their eyes. Big Mom is extremely angry at Kid for nearly drowning her, claiming she will punish him for his actions. Sensing that Big Mom is more powerful right now, Kid tells Killer to run.

As they attempt to escape, Big Mom asks her new Homie to demonstrate her newfound power, which the creature happily does. Big Mom attacks Kid and Killer with a massive attack from Fulgora, causing a giant explosion in Onigashima.

The battle continues inside Onigashima

A play Episode 1028 goes on to explain that Big Mom’s attack was so powerful that even the characters inside the castle felt it. For the first time in a long time, we see Usopp, Otama, and Nami riding Komachiyo in search of allies. The group attempts to reach the Performance Floor while being chased by Page One.

Nami tries to stop him using her Climate Baton, though it doesn’t affect the enemy. Realizing that fighting him will only slow them down, Usopp blinds the Animal Kingdom Pirate, asking Komachiyo to outrun his opponent. Page One isn’t slowing down, but Usopp and Nami were prepared for this.

Using her Thunderbolt Tempo, Nami electrocutes the Spinosaurus. Usopp thinks the fight is over, only shocked when Nami reveals that Page One jumped at them at the last second. Otama asks Komachiyo to run faster and hit a wall to get rid of him, freeing their opponent’s group.

Hawkins appears

A play Episode 1028 reveals that Killer and Kid are not dead. They were only sent flying inside the castle. They don’t know where they are inside the castle or where Big Mom is, but they can sense that she is near them one floor down.

Thinking it’s best to get the Yonko away from Kaido, the two pirates decide to fight her again. As they run towards their opponent, Killer thinks of his gratitude to Kid for helping him.

However, the good times don’t last long, as they are ambushed by Hawkins, who is still working for Kaido. The killer tells Kid to go after Big Mom and leave Hawkins to her, saying he can handle the mage. Kid continues running as Hawkins and Killer prepare to fight.

Who has the strongest Haki?

CAN’T WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN 😘😍🥰🖤❤️ The animation from Luffy was amazing, the OST choices made me emotional, Luffy’s growth made me so emotional. If it feels good to see it animated, my #1!!! 🖤❤️ #ONEPIECE1028

A play Episode 1028 returns to check on Luffy, who is still preparing to fight Kaido again. He remembers the lessons Hyogoro gave him when he was still Kaido’s prisoner. After thinking for a while, Luffy finally understands that he is not using his Haki effectively.

The Straw Hat Captain asks Kaido if he can use Supreme King Haki as well, to which Kaido replies that he can, charging at Luffy while imbued with this power. Luffy doesn’t move. Instead, he remembers Hyogoro’s teachings and how Kaido hurt him and his friends.

A new power begins to bloom inside Luffy, represented by orange petals emerging from his body. Kaido is sure that he will kill Luffy in his next attack, but is shocked to see that the boy is not only fine but actively stopping his attack with no problem.

Luffy’s Advanced Conqueror’s Haki

Luffy uses his new power to overtake Kaido, running towards the Yonko at top speed. Law is impressed after seeing his friend use his new power to corner Kaido. Still thinking about what Hyogoro had told him before, Luffy let his Haki run free, focusing it on his fist.

For the first time, Kaido is sent flying towards a rock, unable to stop due to the powerful punch Luffy used. The Emperor has no time to react, as Luffy immediately attacks him again, punching him in the jaw, inspired by his friends’ sacrifice.

Law mentions that Luffy didn’t even hit Kaido, successfully injuring the Yonko with only the power of his Haki. A play Episode 1028 ends with Luffy thanking Zoro and Law and asking them to inform everyone downstairs that he will defeat Kaido no matter what.

What are One Piece Episode 1028 fans saying on Twitter?


A play Episode 1028 completely shattered fans on Twitter. They kept saying how amazing it was to see Luffy using his new power.

The fandom went crazy after realizing that Luffy was now on equal footing with Kaido, and the real fight was about to begin.

Luffy’s uppercut will forever live on in the minds of fans, as it was one of the best scenes in the anime.

It’s worth mentioning that while the animation of Luffy’s scene was great, the music playing in the background helped a lot. Fans loved how amazing the episode’s musical score was.

Watching #ONEPIECE1028 it’s so cool while the background is playing we are 😭😭😭😭

Still, not all the love was received by Luffy, as many people also loved seeing Nami in action again.

Many fans are also extremely excited to see Killer fight Hawkins soon.


Fans can’t forget how amazing it is A play Episode 1028 was and still is praising the team behind this social media entry. Overall, the community is extremely happy with how the episode was handled.

Yesterday was also the release of One Piece Movie: Redso the fandom is thrilled with the plethora of new content the series has provided this week.

Final Thoughts

A play Episode 1028 has been hyped by the community all week, with fans eagerly awaiting the appearance of Luffy’s Advanced Conqueror Haki. After watching the episode, fans agreed that the wait was worth every second.

The episode’s subplots could have been handled better, but they don’t take away from the fun of seeing Luffy and Kaido face off. It’s the start of a real battle against Kaido, which means we’ll soon have the reveal of Luffy’s Gear 5.

Next week, instead of continuing the story of A play Episode 1028 we will have a tie-in episode that will reveal more about Uta and Luffy’s childhood. It seems that Uta was the one who introduced Luffy to Shanks, so fans are intrigued as to what this new adventure will mean for Luffy’s story.

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