Lucasfilm Animation was at the party during the Star Wars Celebration

Paris, April 12, 2023

Animation fans were in for a treat at the latest Star Wars Celebration held this weekend in London. Between round tables, trailers and exclusive screenings, Lucasfilm It also introduced the artists working on its second season “Star Wars: Visions”A second season filming announcement “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” And a third and final season is guaranteed “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” In 2024, still going Disney+.

Download festival images: here

Download the poster for “STAR WARS: VISIONS Volume 2”: here

Watch the trailer for “Star Wars The Adventures of the Little Jedi”: vio

Watch the trailer for “Star Wars: Visions” Volume 2: vio

“Star Wars: The Adventures of the Little Jedi”
executive producer James W and art director Michael Olson Fans of all ages are welcome to a special screening Star Wars: The Adventures of a Little Jedi ». It was preceded by the first airing of the series trailer and followed by a question-and-answer session. The series, which takes place during the era of the High Republic, two centuries before the events described in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, follows the adventures of young recruits seeking the skills necessary to become Jedi. During their training, they help those most in need, human or not, and explore the galaxy.

this Lucasfilm and Wild Canary produced the series James W, Jackie Lopez And Josh Rimes. Michael Olson (Series “The World of Bingo and Rolly”) Art Director and Executive Producer. It will be broadcast Disney+ from May 4 And then Disney Jr from May 6, 2023.

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“Star Wars The Clone Wars”
As part of the 15-year ” Star Wars: the clone wars », a round table in which the executive producer participates Dave Filoni, there Assistant Director of Animation athena gate word editor Matthew WoodArt director Killian Plunkett and actors D Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter And James Arnold Taylor The origin of the series was organized to evoke.

Dave Filoni took the opportunity to announce that he “had a lot of fun making its first season Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi » A second season of that was currently filming.

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“Star Wars: The Bad Batch”
Another round table was dedicated to the series “ Star Wars: The Bad Batch » The second season of which has just ended. Our heroes continue their journey through the era of Order 66 and the rise of the Empire.

Brad Rau, executive producer and director of the series; Jennifer Corbettexecutive producer and head writer; Athena Portillo, executive producer; and actors D. Bradley Baker And Michelle Ang A look back at the highlights of season two Brad Rau, Jennifer Corbett And Athena Portillo announced that the series will have a third and final season and will air in 2024. The public had the first of a special teaser for the final season, marking the return of bounty hunter Fennec Shand.

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“Star Wars: Visions” Vol.2
panel “Star Wars: Visions” Vol.2 Batch of ads saved. Short film synopsis, full list of actors who have voiced each of them, trailer and poster are released as follows. This new opus continues to push the graphic limits of the universe star warsIncluding 9 new short films produced by studios from different countries and cultures that offer fresh perspectives on this legendary saga in a variety of styles.

Executive producer of the series- Josh Rimes, James W And Jackie Lopez – discussed the success of the first season and its unique concept. The directors of this Volume 2 then took to the stage to talk about their respective short films:

  • Rodrigo Blas, Writer and director of “Sith”* from the studio El Guiry (Spain)
  • Paul Young, Studio’s director of “Screecher’s Reach”* Cartoon Salon (Ireland)
  • Gabriel Osorio, Writer and director of “In the Stars”* from the studio Punkrobot (chile)
  • Magdalena Osinska, Director of “I Am Your Mother”* from the studio Aardman (United Kingdom)
  • Hyeong Geun Park, Director of “Journey to the Dark Head”* Mir Studio (South Korea)
  • Julien Cheng, Studio’s director of “The Spy Dancer”* hiding place (France)
  • Milind Shinde, Executive Producer of Studio’s “Globe Bandit”* 88 pictures (India)
  • LeAndre Thomasscreenwriter, director and executive producer of “The Pit”* and Arthur Isom, Studio founder D’ART Shtajio (Japan) and executive producer of “The Pit”*
  • Nadia Darris And Daniel ClarkeStudio Episode Co-Directors “Aw’s Song”* Triggerfish (South Africa)

* French episode titles coming

Various directors explained how they went about integrating their country’s history and culture into the plots of their short films and creating original characters, calling on local artists to give them more life.

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