Kaiju #8 Announces Long-Awaited Anime Adaptation, Drops First Teaser And Key Visual

Yesterday, series protagonist Kafka Hibino received an incredible birthday present when it was announced that Kaiju #8 would finally be getting a long-awaited anime adaptation.

Source: Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 2 (2020) Shueisha. Written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto

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On August 4, the official Kaiju #8 Twitter accounts revealed that Naoya Matsumoto’s best-selling Shonen Jump series will soon be moving into anime form.

Source: Kaiju No. 8 Anime English Official Twitter

Along with announcing that “”Kaiju No.8″ to get an anime adaptation!”, the series’ production team shared a “Special Anime Announcement Movie” which gave fans their first glimpse of the “world in which monsters appear in everyday life.”

Seen in this shadowy cityscape are a number of corporate advertisements and street signs, all backed by the sounds of sirens and rumblings – a set of noises meant to really stir up a sense of anxiety about the impending arrival. series monsters. destruction.

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The team also debuted the anime’s first key visual.

Presented in black and white like the trailer, the promotional image features the series title superimposed over the various areas of the city depicted in the now-completed visual countdown to the announcement, including a pedestrian crossing , a traffic sign and an emergency staircase.

Source: Kaiju No. 8 Anime English Official Twitter

The announcement of the anime adaptation of Kaiju #8 comes at an interesting time. Not only did it fall on Kafka’s birthday, as noted above, but it also happened on the same day the series entered a month-long hiatus.

At the end of Chapter 68 of Kaiju #8, Matsumoto explained to readers that he would be using the break to prepare for the manga’s next arc, which is expected to see the Defense Force take on the new generation of monsters created by monsters. #9

Source: Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 68 (2022) Shueisha. Written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto.

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“We will be taking a break from updating to prepare for new developments,” Matsumoto wrote, translated by series fan Twitter account @KaijuNo_8. “The next release date is scheduled for 9/2. I’m sorry for everyone who’s been looking forward to it. Thank you for your continued support of Kaiju No.8″

Source: Twitter @KaijuNo_8

Later, to celebrate the anime’s announcement, Matsumoto tweeted a new illustration of Kafka as monster #8 standing side-by-side with Leno, exclaiming “We decided to animate Kaiju #8! “

“Thank you to all readers reading this,” he said. “I can’t reveal much information yet, but I hope you can’t wait to see how Kafka and Leno move and what kind of voice Mina, Kikorou and Hoshina use to talk!”

Source: Naoya Matsumoto’s Twitter

Additionally, Matsumoto’s editor, Nakaji, expressed his own expression of gratitude to fans, tweeting via his personal account, “Thank you for all of your support since the series debuted in 2020. We are happy to report that ‘Kaiju No. 8’ will be adapted into an anime series!

Source: Nakaji’s Twitter

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