Jailed con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar defends Jacqueline Fernandez, denies she played role in money laundering; said the gifts were out of love

The Jacqueline Fernandez-Sukesh Chandrashekhar saga refuses to end any time soon. Conman Sukesh, who is currently in jail, has expressed resentment over intimate photos of him and Jacqueline circulating on the internet.

In the letter, Sukesh reiterated that he was in a relationship with the “Kick” actress and asked that the actress not be portrayed in a bad light. He also said that the gifts he gave were out of love and that she had no role in the money laundering activities.

The letter allegedly written by Sukesh indicates that he continues to maintain that he was in a relationship with the actress although the actress denies this.

Admitting his relationship with the actor, Sukesh said all money and gifts exchanged between the two were benign as it was meant to be between two people in a relationship and there was nothing illegal there. -inside.

“It’s really sad and disturbing to see private photos circulating, which I learned from the news all last week. It’s a total violation of privacy and personal space. As I I mentioned before, Jacqueline and I were a couple. Seeing each other and the relationship was not based on monetary benefits like how she is projected, commented on and trolled in a bad light. The relationship has a lot of love and respect for each other without any expectation. Please ask everyone to stop projecting her in a bad way, because it is not easy for her, who only loved without expecting anything. J ‘ve already mentioned that she was not involved in the ongoing money laundering case,” read the letter according to a report on IndiaToday. com.

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Incidentally, the letter precedes an additional indictment soon to be filed against him in the case.

While Sukesh continues to claim that he gave gifts to Jacqueline, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on the other hand argues that the expensive gifts were up to Rs 8 crore which were proceeds of crime .

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Since Sukesh’s arrest, Jacqueline has been questioned more than five times by the ED. There is also a surveillance circular against the actress because of which she cannot leave the country. When it comes to ED, the Bollywood actress continues to be a person of interest.

Jacqueline maintained that she had been duped in the whole affair. However, the status of actresses in high-profile cases remains ambiguous.

On January 8, Jacqueline, through a statement, admitted that she was going through a difficult time. “This country and its people have always given me so much love and respect. This includes my friends in the media, from whom I have learned a lot. I am going through a difficult time right now but I am sure my friends and fans will see It is with this confidence that I would ask my friends in the media not to post images that could intrude on my privacy and personal space.You wouldn’t do this to your own loved ones, I’m sure you wouldn’t. Wouldn’t do it for me either. Hoping justice and common sense prevail. Thank you,” his statement read.

The statement came after a photo of the actress and the scammer surfaced on social media.

Sukesh, who was arrested in connection with a Rs 200 crore extortion case, had gifted the actress with items from luxury brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and even a Mini Cooper. The scammer had also promised her a role in a Hollywood movie.

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Nora Fatehi received a BMW Car-S series which was registered in the name of Mehboob Khan. Chandrashekhar told the agency that the car was given to Fatehi at her request. Apparently, Sukesh had sent gift baskets to many Bollywood actresses under multiple names.

It was also reported that Sukesh approached Jacqueline making fake calls posing as someone from Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s office. Jacqueline had also mentioned to the investigative agency that the scammer introduced himself as Shekhar Retna Vela of Sun TV and was from the family of the late Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa.

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