In fact, Nurul supports ‘fearless’ cricket as captain

Nurul will be the eighth captain of the T20I of Bangladesh

Nurul will be the eighth captain of Bangladesh’s T20I ©Getty

New T20I captain Nurul Hasan said he was “normal” and not thrilled to be in charge of Bangladesh for the first time. He also doesn’t care about the nature of the job at hand, which is seen as a stop-gap arrangement at best given that Shakib al Hasan is the best candidate to lead the Asian Cup squad to the Cup. of the T20 world.

This trait of not being trapped in emotional chasms is new to Nurul, something he admits to working on over the past few years.

Nurul was in the desert for three years before returning to the national setup last year and these days it looks like he can handle anything without getting too involved. Clearly, the hard lessons of his past, when he was hijacked for no solid reason, are at work.

”I’m not too excited or excited. Nowadays, I am not thrilled like before,” Nurul told Cricbuzz.

”I was informed by the BCB earlier and at that time I was surprised. Later, I just felt it was a responsibility and I had to take it on. There is nothing more.

“I was a very emotional guy earlier, but I really worked hard at it and didn’t become who I am today all of a sudden. I worked on myself for two or three years because I felt I needed to improve in that area (controlling my emotions).”

Nurul was given the role of leader due to his performance as a skipper in the national T20 competition. With his new mindset taking him everywhere, he’s not ready to change anything about himself when he takes over as the eighth captain of Bangladesh’s T20I.

”I don’t think there is a big difference between the top teams when it comes to national and international teams. At both places the main goal is to play as a unit and I’m looking forward to making sure we can play as a team,” said Nurul.

“To be honest, I don’t look too far (regarding captaincy) because for me what’s important is my process and I want to do the hard work with honesty.

“Because as a player, whether I play domestic cricket or international matches, I want to make sure I deliver what the team expects of me. I’m not saying I deliver it all the time, but I can assure you that “I gave 100 percent when it came to the tryout. As captain I have to think about the team and I want to do it right and I want to create an atmosphere so that we can play as a team. When we are happy to see others perform, I feel like that’s how team culture develops. I think it is very important to develop this culture because then the result will finally come. I think in terms of skills we are not very different from the other teams, but what I feel is that mentally you have to match the others because it will be useful for the whole team.

''I was a very emotional guy earlier but I really worked hard at it"

”I was a very emotional guy earlier but I really worked hard at it” ©Getty

Nurul added that he will support his players to play cricket fearlessly and even in time when they fail given that he is ready to play cricket hard in the T20s, a prerequisite to do well in the format.

“Listen, I accept that we are behind in the Tests and the T20Is compared to the ODIs, but what I think is that we should play fearless cricket in the T20Is. If I tell you about myself, I can say that whenever I’m scared, I’m always on the back foot and so it’s important that we play cricket without fear.

”I will definitely support them so that they can play freely and without fear of losing their place as they might fail if they choose to play an aggressive brand of cricket. Look, every individual is different and plays differently and they have something that comes naturally to them.

”I don’t think too much about results; rather, what I feel is that the process is very important. To be honest, it doesn’t matter much to me what’s going to happen or what kind of result we’re going to get because there’s no point in losing sleep thinking about the future,” Nurul added. .

Nurul said he was well aware that his performance would be more under the scanner after being named captain of the T20I, but added that all the noise from outside probably wouldn’t affect him.

”Look, you have to understand where I beat (in T20s). Sometimes I score 15-20 points and it looks like very little but nobody understands what kind of impact it has on the team. In the next game, if I don’t score points, it will be like ‘he doesn’t score points’.

“If I think about all these things, it will be difficult to come out of them and so what I feel is that I must be totally away from listening to what everyone is saying. And to be honest, I’m not. I think inside the pitch there’s analysis and all those things and I see it and other than that when I’m away from cricket I’m not much into cricket. I want to be away from that (all the hype and criticism) and away from the pitch. I only focus on my plan and now on the team plan.

“Listen, there are wins and losses in cricket and every team wants to win, but what I feel is that in the end there is no point in thinking too much about the outcome. Instead, we should focus on keeping the process going and if we can give our hundred percent, the results will come automatically.”

Nurul is keen on not being pressured, but it won’t be so easy in the ecosystem he finds himself in. A loss to Zimbabwe can lead to much uproar in the cricketing fraternity. The good thing, however, is that the new captain seems to have a matured head on his young shoulders. It’s a good starting point.

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