I’m a lottery expert – four strategies to increase your odds of winning and beating odds of up to 1 in 1 trillion

MILLIONS of Americans play state and national lotteries every day – but not everyone ends up a winner.

With so many players, aided by an increase in online lottery betting, the jackpots are going up, but that means the odds of winning are going down – down to a TRILLION to one.

A lottery expert explains four strategies to increase your chances - and how much you win - the next time you buy a lottery ticket


A lottery expert explains four strategies to increase your chances – and how much you win – the next time you buy a lottery ticket1 credit

However, what if, rather than relying entirely on Lady Luck, there was a way to increase your chances of winning big the next time you play?

A lottery expert has revealed how to increase your chances of getting rich – and that means not wasting your money on certain tickets.

Meanwhile, Van Denton, director of communications at the North Carolina Education Lottery, shared his advice with the Charlotte Observer.

We’ve collected them below.

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1. Know the odds

There is no (known) mathematical formula to tip the scales in your favor, but knowing the probability of winning can be useful.

“It’s luck. Everything is random. But eventually someone will win,” Mr Denton said.

He went on to say that where you play doesn’t increase or decrease your chances of winning national lotteries, like Mega Millions or Powerball.

In fact, in 2016, The Observer investigated the possibility of finding a way to play the lottery system to become repeat winners, “some of whom had beaten odds of up to one in a trillion”.

Lottery officials concluded that the winnings were genuine and not attributable to some sort of formula.

2. Master the game

Mr. Denton said that if you understand how the lottery works, you can potentially increase your winnings when playing.

“If you want to increase the size of your prize if you win, consider buying a $3 Power Play ticket or a $3 Megaplier ticket,” he told the outlet.

Most states offer a Megaplier feature to boost prizes up to five times without a jackpot and it costs an additional $1 per game, according to Mega Million rules.

Before each Mega Millions draw on Tuesday and Friday evenings, the Megaplier is drawn.

Of a pool of 15 balls, five are scored 2X, six 3X, three 4X and one 5X.

Depending on the combination of winning numbers you have, you could win much more than buying a regular priced ticket.

Power Play works the same way. By paying an additional $1 per ticket, the feature can multiply non-jackpot prizes tenfold.

The multiplier number is chosen at random just before each draw.

3. Know when to play

Mr Denton said many Americans won’t gamble until they learn of a really big jackpot, as was the case with the recent $1.34 billion payout to a winner in Illinois.

It was the second-largest Mega Millions payout for a single winning ticket in U.S. history, trailing $1.54 billion for a ticket sold in South Carolina in 2018.

Mr Denton said most people don’t realize that you don’t need an exact match of every number to win money in Powerball and Mega Millions.

He added that there are nine ways to win – whether it’s a small sum or something life-changing.

4. Play for fun

Finally, don’t be obsessed with winning or trying to find a winning formula.

You may end up spending more than you want or can afford – with little return.

Mr Denton added: “If you are feeling lucky, buy a ticket and dream of how your life would change if you won. It only takes one ticket to win.

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