Halliday – $6 million for “buy now, pay later” NFT gaming project

The downturn in the cryptocurrency market does not prevent the emergence of new innovative projects. One of the areas that is getting a lot of attention right now is NFT-related crypto games. A variant of this digital economy works for the virtual worlds of video games, but it’s not always popular with gamers. And, in some cases, the possibility of integration or development in certain projects is hindered by the need to purchase digital objects before they start. But with the introduction of “buy now, pay later” solutions, this may well be a thing of the past. explain…

The emergence of play earning is not just for followers. Like the influx of NFT tokens into the gaming space, it is often associated with this new concept. A variant known under the generic term Metaverse with a little extra cryptocurrency to make it more…rich. But it’s this new speculative aspect that worries historic gamers, whose goal is to have fun without having to invest. Because sometimes large sums of money are required upfront to get into certain programs.

The recent continual shift from “play to earn” to “play to earn” initiated by the emblematic Axie Infinity project (AXS, SLP) largely stems from this reality. With completely new possibilities, integrate your virtual universe without going to the checkout to buy characters in the form of NFTs. Because playing to win cryptocurrencies often requires investment funds to take part in the risk. Why the Halliday Project proposes developing a “buy now, pay later” solution.

Halliday – buy your NFTs now, pay later

There is no limit to what the cryptocurrency industry can produce. In this case, it’s a matter of a new project called Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a well-known venture capital structure. The latter is the origin of the most recent funding round, which raised $6 million.and as a goal Support the development of the startup Halliday and its deferred payment service for gaming NFTs Launched last November. The latter was proposed by its founders as “the first solution to allow ownership of blockchain and Metaverse game assets through subsequent payments”. A complete program!

We want to make games and Metaverse NFTs more accessible to gamers. (…) us [leur permettons] Pay and access NFTs over time, pay and play. »

MalhotraCo-founder Halliday

And, according to the elements provided by the startup Halliday, Its offer should soon be available in beta form in the League of Kingdoms (LOKA) game. All in the form of a simple payment option at checkout. Acquire NFTs “over time” in a “transparent and secure” way. And once this new type of consumer loan is validated, it has the potential to start working immediately. And there’s no doubt that in order to “don’t have to wait a few months to get this new car on the track,” that purchase should find a cult following.

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Of course, knowing the properties of NFTs Relevant belongs to the Halliday item until the player pays in full. and there is currently no specific mention of fees applicable to such consumer loan procedures. Because this is after all just the classic deferred payment formula that applies to the crypto gaming space.

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